Ken Tucci

I’m curious as to how people get voted into the rock and roll hall of fame but they do not play rock and roll?  I mean Donna Summer – she’s a great singer but is certainly not rock and roll.  Neil Diamond?  C’mon…what about Kiss or Rush?  Maybe they should just make a music hall of fame.   –  Katie Schultz

Hmmmm….dissing both Donna and Diamond.  If it’s any consolation…while Donna Summer was nominated last year, she didn’t make the cut.  However, Neil Diamond makes it.  Here’s the list of people to be inducted in 2011:  Alice Cooper, Neil Diamond, Jac Holzman, Dr. John, Darlene Love, Art Rupe, Leon Russell and Tom Waits.

They definitely have a broad definition.  But for Neil Diamond, what about “Brother Love’s Travelin’ Salvation Show.” ?  Rockin!’  Of course there was also that duet with Barbra Streisand.

Musicians are eligible for induction to the Rock Hall 25 years after the release of their first record.  (And yes, they use the word “record.”)  Hundreds of so-called rock experts vote.   Here’s more on the process.

You don’t even need to be a musician to get in.  For example, this guy Art Rupe, who gets the nod in the new year.  He’s in because he started a record company that released a number of singles from Little Richard.

You can also get in if you’re in the category of “early influencers,” like Woody Guthrie and Robert Johnson.

I personally think it’s good to think broadly.

Besides Kiss and Rush, who else would you include in the Rock Hall?

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  1. katie, Gardner says:

    It is good to think broadly but why not make other music hall of fames for the different types of music? I mean it does say rock – roll. Not pop and rolll – anyway – just a thought.

  2. Lori Bowen says:

    I agree. I think they should just change the name of the Hall of Fame from Rock and Roll to Music. If they keep it as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame then I cannot see Christina Aguilera getting in years down the road though she does offer quite a bit to the music industry. Now if they changed the name to the Music Hall of Fame then she should definately get in. If they change it or not I certainly hope Ms. Spears doesn’t get in.

  3. M L Peters says:

    The problem with broadening the genre too much is that other forms of music (such as country, which has it’s own Hall of Fame and the CMA as well) could come into the “Music Hall of Fame”. So let it alone. We of the Rock and Roll generation don’t mind Donna or Neil.

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