BOSTON (CBS) – The most family-friendly and affordable place to raise your children in Massachusetts is Marlborough, according to a new report.

Bloomberg evaluated “5,418 locations nationwide” and listed its choice for the top community in each state.

Attleboro was the runner-up.

WBZ Radio’s Mark Katic reports

Here was their criteria, using real estate data:

“The rankings put the most weight on school performance and the number of schools, crime statistics, and cost of living. Other factors included job growth, air quality, ethnic diversity, and access to recreational amenities (within the county), such as parks, zoos, theaters, and museums.”

Here is what they found:

“The following places we selected are neither rich suburbs nor havens for luxury living—so don’t expect to find mansions and elite country clubs (although some areas will have them). Rather, these are communities inhabited mostly by middle-income earners that have good public schools, low crime, and resources to keep the family entertained on weekends.”

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  1. FJ says:

    Terrible. I lived here and I’m glad I left before I had kids. So many illegal immigrants, esp from Brazil, crime is rising, and there are too many dodgy areas (Rt 85 – all the gas stations, fast food restaurants, etc. comes to mind). There are certainly beautiful areas on the borders and in towns surrounding Marlborough, but that’s why Sudbury (for example) is more expensive.

    1. John says:

      Old St. Mary’s Church now houses five condominiums and now working on a brand new townhouses. The town is beautiful, close to Boston and houses are half price.See for your self

      All we had is positive experience.

      1. FJ says:

        I’ve lived there very recently and found it to be overrun by illegal immigrants, mostly from Brazil – that was my experience. Any pseudo-city that’s really an overgrown town will have nice areas.

        Regarding close to Boston, I think you mean Worcester. Worcester is about 15 minutes away depending on what part of town you’re in. Even if you live closer to Sudbury Boston is more like 45 minutes away – whether you make your way south to Route 9 or east on 20 or north to Route 2, Marlboro is not all that close to Boston.

  2. John says:

    I agree. Marlborough is a toilet.

  3. Old resident says:

    While I’m a fan of the city in general, I grew up there, I have to disagree with the schools. Because I wanted a better education, I elected -in fact, ASKED if I could go to Hudson Catholic instead of Marlboro High. My nephew has been bullied so badly, he has had to transfer schools. The administration did nothing to help him out despite several pleas from his parents.

  4. PF says:

    Grew up there and went through the public school system till it was time for High School. Family didn’t have enough to send me to college so I opted for Assabet Valley (Not 100% Public) instead of Marlboro High. Best decision I could have made, a trade with Technical Skills had its advantages. Though I agree with the above statements regarding shady parts of town (Lincoln street comes to mind), I enjoyed growing up in that city and feel somewhat proud that it is ranked #1. I can think of a lot bigger “TOILETS” to live in. Framingham, Waltham, Milford, etc…..(lived in two of these, spent a lot of time in the third).

  5. BPike says:

    It was a dump 25 years ago. I ran a business there,k and it was hell.

  6. SBS says:

    I lived in there in the late ’40s through 1959 as a child and teenager. it was a shoe town in those days. I moved around a lot and lived in other states and thought Marlboro (that is how it was spelled in those days) was the most exciting place to live in the world. Always thought of it as back home. Still feel nostalgia for Marlboro even though it doesn’t even vaguely the place I knew when I lived there.

  7. Marlboro-Resident says:

    I live on the Sudbury, MA, border of Marlborough, MA. It is absolutely beautiful, wooded and safe. There isn’t any crime here and the neighbors are great. 90% of the neighbors of college educated or have high skilled jobs that are well paid. I would recommend this side of Marlborough, MA, highly. It feels like living in Sudbury, MA, without the higher taxes. I recommend this town highly!!!

  8. Marlboro-Resident says:

    Some people commented on the town who lived here over 20 years ago. I’ve lived here for the past 10 years and it is NO LONGER a shoe town. Those days are long gone. I thas eveolved into a classier town to live. It is affordable to live here butd don’t be fooled – most people are highly educated attorneys, CPAs, plumbers, etc. Buy a house on the Sudbury or Northboro or off of Rte 290- you will live in a country safe neighborhool.

  9. Newer Marlborough Resident says:

    I am a “newer” resident of Marlborough, though, we are along the Sudbury/Hudson/Stow (northeastern) corner. I did stay in a rental many years back in the sketchy areas that everyone else commented on and what most people jusdge Marlborough for even today. This is unfortunate as most of this city is beautiful and not city-like at all! The city center and its surroundings give it a bad rep…which I do agree with for the most part. Even then, it is still fairly safe as opposed to many other “sketchy” areas of the US. Though I would not recommend it, a street-smart young woman could walk down these city streets to enjoy such hidden gems such as La Tapatia and be ok. I would recommend driving to this authentic, ethnic restaurant. As for the illegal residents comment in the previous blogs, I would ask if they are working to make a living legally or are they contributing to the over-utilized welfare system, illegal or not. Don’t get me wrong, I would not promote illegal immigration… If we are going to stereotype, I would say that Brazilians like Mexicans and Chinese are much more hard working than “other” immigrants…but this is not the direction of conversation and speculation that is condusive to sound discussions or judgement. A final word on this article, no, I would not send my children to Marlborough High or Assebet Vocational Technical school. If I could not afford private school for my kids, I would move to a place with comparable housing costs and taxes which have decent schools. Yes, this is our plan as this is our 1st home. It’s a great place for this stage in life and a great value for what you get…safe neighborhoods, conservation lands, a decent commute to Boston and Worcester (yes, 45 min to commute to work would be a dream to some people & is typically expected), etc. And finally, I know of a dog who lives a lavish life traveling the world, boating, and such…he prefers to drink from the toilet bowl than any fresh water placed in any dish! I will leave it at that.

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