BOSTON (AP) — Sen. Scott Brown is saying he’d support a stand-alone bill repealing the military’s “don’t ask, don’t” ban on gays serving openly.

Brown spokeswoman Gail Gitcho said in a statement Thursday that Brown accepts the Pentagon’s recommendation to repeal the policy.

If and when a “clean repeal bill” comes up for a vote, she said, Brown will support it.

Brown had already voiced support for repeal, but last week voted to block debate on a repeal bill, arguing the Senate should first vote on a tax package.

The Senate voted 81-19 Wednesday to pass the sweeping tax package that would save millions of Americans thousands of dollars in higher taxes.

Also Wednesday the House voted 250-175 to repeal the ban, giving the Senate a final shot to end the policy.

President Obama has vowed to end the ban.

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Comments (8)
  1. cynic says:

    Brown is a Politician…He doesn’t know and doesn’t care what damage repeal will do.

  2. Nick says:

    And what damage will it do, Cynic?

    1. cynic says:

      THe answer to that you know as well as I…..I wonder how many of those discharged enlisted because they wanted to be in the Military and how many joined for the purpose of being discharged to further the agenda.

  3. DStein says:

    What damage will it do? Maybe you should ask the men and women that are actually fighting the war(s). A recent survey of FRONT LINE troops, not military desk jockeys, overwhelmingly was AGAINST REPEAL of the ban. Maybe the weight of their opinion… the midst of battle conditions…..should carry far more weight than that of bureaucrats in the Pentagon.

    Personally, I’m not sure I fully understand why they would be against lifting the ban, but they are. Who am I to question the people that are actually doing the REAL work in REAL conditions?

    1. cynic says:

      Will the repeal render the votes in the 30 states against abnormal Marriage moot. Will those “Married” in other States (And thier “Dependents”) be assigned to bases in States where thier ” Marriage” is not recognised?

  4. cynic says:

    I just read in Mr browns Bio of his “Service” in the National Guard. I think it’s safe to conclude that he has “No Military Experience”.

  5. massman says:

    Good for you Mr. Brown. Bigotry has no place in our military, or anywhere else. Case closed.

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