By Barry Burbank

BOSTON (CBS) – With Christmas just over a week away, have you wondered where the snow has been?

According to WBZ-TV meteorologist Barry Burbank we have gone 292 days without any measurable snow at the weather data center at Logan Airport in Boston.

The current record is 303 days set in the 1999-2000 winter season.

In any given year, the chance of a white Christmas in Boston – meaning one inch of snow or more on the ground – is 23-percent.

The odds get better as you head north and west. Worcester has a 60-percent chance.

There is a chance of snow on Sunday, but most of that storm is expected to be out to sea, according to Burbank.

Comments (24)
  1. Charlie says:

    Seriously here we’ve gotten .4 of an inch way back plus 3 times that a trace of snow has fallen, I wanna know if it’s the shortest amount of time that we’ve gotten snow since it fell in Oct, and yes last year it snowed too, I think here we went only 257 days with no measurable snow

  2. Donnie Boston says:

    Nobody lives at Logan, yet all weather data is kept there. BS.

  3. Waltham Suzi says:

    MEASURABLE snow means over 1 inch. I have yet to see any measurable snow and I live in Waltham.

    1. Charlie says:

      If u get a half inch it’s measurable

    2. Charlie says:

      I’m sorry u have no snow, a white Christmas has to b 1 inch, if it .1 or .2 it’s measurable, have a great day

  4. cynic says:

    Tourists come from all over the World to visit The Weather at Logan.

  5. Dave Stone says:

    It hasn’t snowed anywhere, I don’t know what the hell some of you are talking about. I live in the Merrimack Valley and we have had NO SNOW at ALL!

    Records are kept at Logan b/c weather data is recorded at major airports!

    And who cares anyway? MOST years we DON’T have a white Christmas, yet EVERY SINGLE YEAR they make a BIG deal out of it! Gimme a break!

    1. Charlie says:

      Yes it snowed here 4 times including last night, I have pics of the snow that fell back 7 wks ago, it’s funny bc last yr it snowed the 3rd week of oct then, very weird but yes Logan is a crock, by the end of the year backbay will get on average 4 inches more per yr yet it’s the same town, peace bud :)

  6. Charlie says:

    It’s just very weird lately when Barry has been saying no snow at Logan and my wife and kids look at me and say we had snow way back plus we had another dusting last night, I think 3 dusting and .4 is measurable here in Foxboro, peace :)

  7. response says:

    Just think of how much money the state, cities and towns are saving on plowing, salt and sand.

  8. Zippo says:

    It don’t count unless it’s at least 6 inches and stays around three days.

  9. Charlie says:

    It’s snowing and we have another dusting, very funny,

  10. cynic says:

    When the subject is weather is there anyone that doesn’t think of Don Kent?

  11. Charlie says:

    Hey everyone it has been snowing for a half hr and we now have sanders on the road and there is about a quarter of an inch and this is in Bristol/Norfolk county

  12. dennis says:

    Al i can say is HAPPY SNOW DAY…eventually

    1. Jeff Dearman says:

      yeah 6 days AFTER X-mas….SO much for the chance of a white x-mas. This was our chance.

  13. Wizard says:

    Don Kent, yes.
    I used to watch him in Black & White.

  14. Bob says:

    I think they should base how many days between snow on Charlie’s location. Apparently he feels very strongly about what is measurable, how many days it has been, and where they base the finding from.
    The other alternative is Mt. Washington. Then people will always overdress and think its real windy.

    The simple fact is that weather observations are often, if not always, done at airports, that is where the equipment is set up for obvious reasons

  15. Mazza says:

    We will see some measurable snow this Sunday

  16. Waltham Suzi says:

    Fine, then we’re all going to Charlie’s…. we might as well install all of the weather equipment at his house since he is the ONLY ONE who is reporting “measurable snow.” I can see it now – he’s out there with his ruler that measures in centimeters…. because THAT is all the snow he can find that is measurable!!! LOL! Have a great day, guys!

  17. jerry says:

    your news is awfull I lost 400 dollars the last time the weather was wrong in staed of guessing you should be more professional in your job three times you said the storm would be bad and there was nothing i can deal with bad but i dont like to lose money on a mistake that fox 25 got right

  18. Jeff Dearman says:

    thanks a lot weather people for ruining christmas yet another year, hyping up a big storm again days before x-mas, only to say its going out to sea the next. How many years has that happened. I bet you anything we’ll have a big snowstorm 4 days after x-mas. It happens every year!!!
    Why can’t Boston get a white x-mas???

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