“What’s Wrong With This Country Today?”

A blog by Gary LaPierre

     Did you ever listen to the radio, or watch television or read a newspaper story and say to yourself….”that’s what’s wrong with this country today…..?”

     I do it all the time and it’s amazing how many diverse things and people I can come up with to blame for the country’s ills.   I mean it’s as diverse as Barack Obama and John Boener, Whoppie Goldberg and Bill O’Reilly, or maybe Bret Favre and Aunt Bea……whatever.

     Today, as I sat at my kitchen counter with an icepack on my jaw, recovering from some dental surgery, much to my chagrin my wife had “The View” on the kitchen TV set and there’s three (the 4th doesn’t qualify) seemingly intelligent women fawning all over this Diddy dude.  Sean, P….whatever the heck ever his real Diddy name is, pontificating about his six children, which he fathered with three women, none of whom he ever married and how it important it is to do the right thing by his children.    One of “The View” asked him, as his child had done, why he never married any of the mommys involved and “P”…or Sean or whatever Diddy he’s using today couldn’t spit out an answer…and I’m sure it has nothing whatsoever to do with the simple fact that Diddy is dumber than a box of rocks.     And before I could reach the TV remote, they then let Diddy do his act….if one can call it that.    I know it’s not singin’.   It’s definitely not rapin’.   It’s certainly not music…for sure… but here’s the “View” ladies standin’ and cheerin.”

     Oh my Diddy…..That is what’s wrong with this country today.


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