CAMBRIDGE (AP) – A Harvard University dean says damage to three dozen books on gay and lesbian issues that appeared to have been doused in urine in a campus library was simply an accident.

Campus police were investigating the incident that occurred Nov. 24 and reported Friday as a hate crime.

Dean Evelynn Hammonds told The Crimson student newspaper Monday that an investigation determined that a library worker found a bottle of what appeared to be urine on a shelf in the Lamont Library and accidentally spilled it.

It remains unclear what a bottle of urine was doing in a library.

The 36 books worth several thousand dollars will be replaced.

Harvard College Queer Students and Allies co-chairman Marco Chan expressed relief that the damage was not an act of homophobia.

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Comments (6)
  1. cynic says:

    Somr things don’t add up….Several Thousand Dollars? I assume thet means more than a couple…Say it’s $3000,00….Thats About $83.00 a Book..Really now !I don’t see any Damage that couldn’t be repaired by a roll of paper towell’s…There is something about this story that stinks worse than an Alleged bottle of Urine.

  2. alleydweller says:

    Accidentally over 36 books. Right.

  3. Cynic says:

    Is Hetrophobia a Hate Crime?

  4. Cynic says:

    Are the people that concocted this “Incident” taking a Creative Writing Course?

  5. Disappointed says:

    Dammit! I spent all week drinking nothing but water. Can someone with clean urine meet me at the library asap?

  6. Sean Henry says:

    You raise some questions. Lets look at it logically.
    Lets look at this more close. $3000 in damage on 36 books equals $83.33 a book. My books range from 1/2 – 1.5 inches in thickness (thats what she said) but these are $5-$20 paperbacks. At stake are $83 dollar books after all and as the gay community isn’t any more amazing than the straight I’m making all the books hardbacks which adds the thickness. I’m gonna up the size to 3/4ths – 1.75 inches or 1.25 inch average. So 1.25 inches times 36 = 45 inches or 3.75 feet. Thats one heck of a spill zone! Was the librarian juggling bottles of urine from 5 feet above the book shelf? What possible explanation is there for having urine in the library?
    If no charges were filed/foul play ruled out then it must have been deemed accidental. Here’s a theory that works: If they were older with prostate issues and making frequent trips was a hassle… carrying a glass jar was easier… then the amount of urine you collect will be sufficient for making a 45 inch splash zone.
    As for heterophobia… as an employed white American male don’t you think there’s bigger fish to fry than being hated on for being straight, blacks who call me “cracker”, or women with men issues? PS- I just assume all unknown internet people are white dudes.
    Its good to be the top of the food chain. And its even better to not your panties in bunch over whether the story is dripping with BS. Unless those figurative panties ain’t so figurative. But I don’t hate : )
    Ok, I’m avoiding actual chores right now, if you can’ tell. Peace!

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