Hey Census People…What About My Town?

Ken Tucci

What is the U.S. Census data for my hometown? – Cheryl, Gloucester

You can find that by going to the Census Bureau homepage.   You’ll see the “population finder” on the right.  Just put in your city or town and find, well, the population. 

Oh, but there’s more.  Then on that new population page click on “fact sheet” and a lot of other information about the location pops up… like how many married people there are  in your town, or how many people were born outside of the U.S. or the average family size.

A lot of you wrote to Declare Your Curiosity during the census hoopla…mostly complaining.  Now you can see how they put your tax dollars to work.  But they must still be crunching the numbers, because the population figures are for 2009.  Oh well.

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