BROCKTON (CBS) – Some residents of Brockton have long complained that their water bills are inaccurate and too high.

City councilor Jass Stewart told WBZ Radio it started when resident Richard Ford called to complain about his $17,000 bill.

Part of the problem, reportedly, is that about a third of the meter reading devices in the city are not working properly.

The city is expected to launch an audit of the water department this week.

It’s expected to take about a month.

WBZ’s Carl Stevens reports.

  1. cynic says:

    What is there to investigate/ Any fool could tell you that Brockton can’t even send out a Water bill w/o messing it up…..If this months reading is 100 gallons and next months is 300 gallons that means the person used……Never Mind ….You wouldn’t understand….

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