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BOSTON (CBS) — A couple of days ago, former wide receiver now analyst Cris Carter, had some tough words to say about Pats wide receiver Deion Branch. He said, that Deion disappears in games and he should be better than he is because he’s a great route runner. Deion was asked about the tough criticism and he took the high road. He said that he’s heard that type of negativity his whole life. But his quarterback Tom Brady, spoke up for him.

“I’m so glad Deion’s on our team, let me say that,” Brady said. “Deion has been a Super Bowl MVP. Deion has showed up in every game he’s ever played in. He shows up at practice every day. Anyone who ever watches us play knows the kind of asset that he is to our team, that he was when he first got here and he is now.”


Over the last couple of years, the Patriots have played in their fair share of snow games and folks, under Belichick they are undefeated 10 and 0. Bill tells them they are playing the opponent and not the elements and that Jedi mind trick seems to work.

Like yesterday, there have been a couple of games in bad weather that the Pats have just totally dominated.

They led the Bears at the half of yesterday game 33 to nothing and went on to win 36 to 7.

In 2009, they led the Titans at the half 45 to nothing and went on to win 59 to nothing and in 2008 they led the Cardinals 31 to nothing and went on to win 47 to 7. They dominate in the cold weather.


It seems every week, the Pats are playing a big game and the national writers are out.

Yesterday in Chicago, was no different. Here’s what some of the writers penned for their columns.

Don Banks of SI.com calls the Patriots the best team in the NFL — by a lot. “The Patriots’ 36-7 dismantling of the Bears on a snowy and blustery Sunday at Soldier Field was just New England’s latest statement-game win, but they’re coming so fast and furious these days that it’s starting to resemble one long, continuous speech. Delivered at the top of their lungs,” Banks writes.

Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News has seen “Bears weather” over the years. But perhaps only one thing trumps the Bears when there is “Bears weather” in the forecast — the Patriots. “New England does not lose in the snow, whether it’s Foxboro, Chicago or Anchorage,” Gosselin writes.

Les Carpenter of Yahoo! Sports focuses on the Patriots’ big win and Bill Belichick’s approach. “Most men in his position would celebrate such moments,” Carpenter writes. “Rex Ryan might have devoured a cake. It is after all, human nature to enjoy delicious revenge and Belichick seems better at drawing it than any man who coaches today. But the way he stifles any joy from his successes makes him ever more daunting come the end of a football year.”


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