CAMBRIDGE (AP) – Harvard police say they are investigating vandalism to about 40 books about lesbian and gay issues at a university library as a hate crime.

Security staff at Lamont Library said in a report filed with campus police on Friday that it appeared someone poured urine on the books on Nov. 24.

An empty bottle was found nearby.

A police spokesman tells The Crimson student newspaper that all the books were about lesbian, gay and same-sex marriage issues.

Library spokeswoman Beth Brainard says it took so long to report the incident because staff wanted to assess the value of the books.

She says they were worth several thousand dollars and will be discarded.

Marco Chan, co-chairman of the Harvard College Queer Students and Allies, called the incident “disconcerting.”

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Comments (14)
  1. cynic says:

    Hate Crimes must be getting harder to find….Isn’t this stretching things a bit? Sombody Peeed on a book !!!!!!

    1. Mark says:

      Only in MA..I agree!

  2. cynic says:

    Why not check the DNA of everyone at Harvard?

    1. Thomas Hood says:

      There is no DNA present in urine.

      1. Mark says:

        Correction, there IS DNA in urine.

      2. Thomas Hood says:

        I stand corrected.

  3. Julie says:

    That would be 40 books, worth thousands of dollars. If it had been books on Christianity, it would have been a huge headline and be leading the Fox news for the next month.

    1. Mark says:

      Not in MA it wouldn’t; maybe in the South.

    2. cynic says:

      WORTH?…To who.

      1. cynic says:

        To Whom ?

  4. John S, Milford says:

    I’m a gay man and I’m posting a challenge to the coward or cowards who did this. If you think you are so bad then just admit you did this, meet me in a public place and tell me to my face why you did this. Scared? Yeah, I thought so. Continue to hide cowards.

    Obtw, if you do take me up on my challenge, I might get a chance to throw a jug of urine in your face.

  5. cynic says:

    This must have been a Horrific incident to “Disconcert” the HCQS&A.

  6. cynic says:

    It is interesting to see just what comments that WBZ won’t ALLOW on this story.

  7. cynic says:

    I think I have it figured out…It appears WBZ won’t allow comments that question the timing and exactly how this story was devoloped and presented.

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