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CHICAGO (CBS) — The Highs:

The Pats started the half just like they left off. The defense put Chicago in a 3-and-out and the Pats offense have the ball.

Pats offense get a short field and got to work. 29 yard field goal by Graham.

Pats defense comes up again. This time the Bears were driving and Gary Guyton with an interception.

The Lows:

Devin McCourty has a rib injury. It is being reported that his return is questionable.

Pats defense finally give one up. Bears score. Matt Forte on a 30 yard passing play and that set up a 1 yard run by Chester Taylor. The Bears get on the board.

Long drive here for the Pats and they got nothing. They had 4th and 11 at the 28. Too far to kick it in this wind. They went for it on fourth and came up short.

36 to 7 Pats after 3


Here are your halftime stats and all Patriots in this one.

Brady is 13 for 21, 195 yards and 2 tochdowns. Green Ellis has 11 carries for 61 yards. Deion Branch has 4 receptions for 102 yards and a touchdown. Wes Welker has 6 receptions for 85 yards.


The Highs:

The first possession of the second half for the Pats offense and they score again. 11 plays and 87 yards. Danny Woodhead with the finish on a 3-yard run.

The Pats ran a lot on this drive. Ben Jarvus Green-Ellis with a 17 yard burst on this drive. The Pats have now scored touchdowns on 11 straight red zone appearances. That is crazy.

The Bears get the ball and Devin McCourty causes a fumble and Gary Guyton picks it up and 35 yards later we have a touchdown. McCourty is having a great game. The Pats defense is rocking.

Pats defense holds again. This time on a third and long the Pats get off the field.

The Pats get the ball back and Julian Edelman runs it back 42 yards and then after 7 plays the Pats kicked a 30 yard field goal. Patriots are rolling in this one. The bad weather has no effect on their game at this moment.

The Pats force Jay Cutler to fumble. Mayo with the recovery. Eric Moore forced the fumble. The Pats get a 25 yard field goal by Shayne Graham.

Last play of the half and the Pats score. Brady to Branch for 59 yards. Unbelievable.

The Lows:

Julian Edelman ran a punt back for a touchdown but it was negated. Holding on Dane Fletcher.

Shayne Graham missed the extra point to end the half.


The Highs:

The Pats defense did their job. They forced the Bears into a 3-and-out on their first possession. McCourty with a great tackle on third down.

On the Patriots second possession they score. 12 plays, 85 yards and Brady to Gronkowski for the touchdown.

The Pats converted on 2 long third down plays and they scored on 3rd and goal. For now, the Pats offense is beating the cover 2.

Pats end the quarter by forcing the Bears to punt. Good job. McCourty with a nice play

The Lows:

The Pats offense goes 3 and out on their first possession. Brady sacked on third down.

Bears second possession and the Pats had them 3rd and 19 and they converted. Have to get off the field on long distance plays.

7-nothing Pats after one


The Patriots kicking game will be a big part today and in watching Shayne Graham’s warm up, it was tough to figure out the distance.

There is a lot of snow on the field and the wind is playing tricks with the ball. His attempts showed that, if kicking in the right direction, a 50 yarder is possible but at the same time a 20 yarder could get blown all over the field.

The crew here is doing a good job with the field. Only the lines will be seen. The field is covered in snow and the end zone line is painted red, so everyone can see it.


Here are the Patriots players who are inactive for today’s game:

Taylor Price
Thomas Clayton
Jonathan Wilhite
Chevis Jackson
Rich Ohrnberger
Mark LeVoir
Myron Pryor
Mike Wright

I don’t think there were any surprises there. Also remember that Brandon Spikes is off the roster for the next 4 games.

Comments (2)
  1. mary says:

    you suck pulling the plug on the tv for this game

  2. John Joseph Grimes says:

    What can you say about this team? I can see why anyone would get down on his knees to be a member of the New England Patriots. They deserve all of the adulation they get and all of New England should be proud.

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