A lot of people are buying Christmas trees this weekend.  One channel 4 viewer has some advice for keeping your tree looking good.

Al from Seabrook offers this info:

For the curious people that need help to keep their tree well.  Recipe for the best healthy tree for the season.  After you get the tree home, cut one inch from the bottom of the tree.  This will give the tree a fresh opening.  Once you put the tree in it’s stand, take two aspirins, crush them and mix them into a 12 oz. glass of warm water with one teaspoon of sugar.  Pour it into the stand and then fill the stand with warm water.   Each time you need to add water to the stand, crush one aspirin, add one teaspoon of sugar and add to the water.  Believe it or not, the aspirin keeps the tree healthy and the sugar is food for the tree.  You’ll enjoy the tree and it’s scent that it will give through-out the house.  This is and old recipe that I used for years and enjoy it every year.   Hope that you will give this recipe to all of those that still have real trees.  Enjoy your tree and Merry Christmas to all.”

Now I’m not making any claims about the effectiveness of Al’s recipe, but I’m interested in the aspirin thing.  I googled around a bit and see differing opinions on adding anything to the water with some disagreeing with Al, saying that aspirin, sugar etc. isn’t necessary….it’s keeping the water level up that’s the best.

I’m curious…what works for you?  Share now!

Comments (3)
  1. M L Peters says:

    Gin works well

  2. Aaron says:

    For as long as i can remember we have used plain tap water and the tree always stays full and healthy

  3. al says:

    the tree will be healthy if aspirin is given, the aspirin helps fight off deseases it might get. The sugar will feed it and keep it alive. The tree can’t feed like it does when it’s in the ground, so the sugar helps that. If you want a live and healthy tree, treat it with this recipe. The sent will be the proof.

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