BOSTON (CBS) — The hawk that was stuck at the Andrew Square MBTA stop was released in Grafton Friday.

The hawk was spotted at the South Boston T station last week. The bird found his way into some pigeon-deterrent netting and was unable to get out. Members of the Animal Rescue League were eventually able to cut the netting and reach the bird.

hawk3 Andrew Station Hawk Released In Grafton

Staff Veterinarian Maureen Murray places a numbered metal band on the Cooper’s Hawk shortly before its release this morning. Fourth-year veterinary student Amory Koch steadies the bird while the band is affixed. (credit: Andy Cunningham/TUFTS)

After being freed, the hawk was taken to the Tufts Wildlife Clinic in Grafton to be evaluated. “The Cooper’s Hawk was brought to us in shock and dehydrated from living in the MBTA station, but was otherwise healthy,” said Dr. Florina Tseng, DVM, director of the Tufts Wildlife Clinic.

The bird received a clean bill of health, and was released back in to the wild.

Dr. Tseng said because the bird is so young, it is not attached to a territory, which means releasing it so far away from the city was not a problem.

The Tufts Wildlife Clinic treats more than 1,000 wild birds each year, and is one of few stand-alone academic wildlife hospitals in the country.

  1. gramps says:

    This is a real feel good story!

    Alas, a ‘bird’ feeds @ the public trough for only a few days, just long enough to get his feet on the ground…..

    Then fly’s off to a life of self-sufficiency & blue skies!

    Well done ‘Andy’ from Andrew Station….

    Southies loss is Grafton’s gain!


    Deval & Obama would rather have seen him caged, living off the few remaining taxpayers….

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