BOSTON (CBS) – The family of a recent Northeastern University graduate is now in Boston looking for answers in his death.

23-year-old Andy Prior was on a motorized scooter on Tremont Street near the Roxbury Crossing T stop, when witnesses saw an SUV slam into him, and take off at around midnight November 14th.

His brother, John Prior, spoke with WBZ at a memorial gathering at Northeastern Wednesday.  “Knowing there’s somebody out there who’s able to live with themselves through this holiday season, and all of these people here, my family and all of his friends, thousands of friends, will be living with incredible pain through the holiday season, very difficult.”

It is the first time the family from Syracuse, New York has been in Boston since Prior was killed.  Relatives plan to meet with Boston Police tomorrow.

WBZ-TV’s Christina Hager reports.

After the accident happened last month, police put out a plea for the public to look out for a grey or silver Hundai Santa Fe.  They said it would have had serious right front end damage.

Prior’s brothers say he was forgiving and loving.  That’s why they are trying to summon forgiveness as they search for the driver who killed him.

“We can find it in our hearts to forgive somebody who’s involved in an accident and we’d like to think that’s what it was…we just want to spare any other family from going through that tragedy,” says Prior’s brother Mark.

Police say they have surveillance footage of the scene from when it happened. They say they’re not ready to share it with the public.

Comments (2)
  1. tim gorman says:

    Are the Boston Police doing everything to bring this matter to closure and bring the culprit to justice ?

  2. Bill says:

    John Prior is a good friend of mine and a truly awesome person. I hope the family is able to bring closure to this and I am praying for him daily.

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