SALISBURY (CBS) – On the North Shore, the police chief in the town of Salisbury has been placed on leave, following allegations of criminal activity.

A member of the Board of Selectmen confirmed to WBZ News Radio that Salisbury Police Chief David L’Esperance is on administrative leave. There is no word on what the alleged criminal activity involved.

 Doug Cope reports

The town manager has relieved L’Esperance of duty until further notice and an investigation will be conducted.

L’Esperance has been police chief in Salisbury for four years. He previously served as a Sergeant in the West Newbury police department.

Comments (6)
  1. Lu says:

    Oh gee, another corrupt public official. Who would have thought. It is not enough to get decent pay, great benefits, early retirement.

  2. John Joseph Grimes says:

    As Groucho Marx once said, ” One way to find out if a man is honest, just ask him. If he says “YES” then you know he is a crook”.This wouldn’t be the first corrupt cop and it certainly won’t be the last.

    1. cynic says:

      Groucho was a smart man.

  3. Pokerface says:

    Not true! A gag order is a legal order given to police and other officials! If violated they can be fired or criminally charged! Want to tell them straight what you think go to and blog there!

  4. Brian Macey says:

    Why don’t we wait until we hear what happened. I know him he is a great guy and has done a lot for the town. I honestly doubt he broke any laws.

  5. Transparency says:

    This guy has not been charged or arrested yet! Boston Herald, PLEASE follow up, and be sure to cover MONDAY Feb 14, 2011 Selectmen’s meeting in Salisbury, Mass!

    To learn more on this disgrace of a human being L\’Esperance, go to this site and read the 31-page report from the investigator. And you must read the WHOLE report.

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