READING (CBS) – Saturday is going to be quite a day for one local high school football coach. His daughter is getting married on the same day that he’s coaching a Super Bowl game.

Shawsheeen Tech coach Al Costabile hopes to lead his team to the altar of Super Bowl success in the morning, and then lead his daughter to the altar of matrimony Saturday evening.

“It’ll all work out,” Costabile said confidently. “There won’t be a lot of extra time, but it will all work out.”

 Carl Stevens reports

Shawsheen takes on Blue Hills for the Division 4 championship at 10 a.m. The game is at Curry College in Milton and should be over by 12:30. From there, timing is key.

“Shave, shower and all up in the school in the fitness room,” Costabile said, ticking down his itinerary. “Then we’re gonna get to the house on time for the pictures.”

His house is in Belmont, about 30 miles from the game. Game time for the wedding is 5:30 p.m.

“This is going to be one of the greatest days of my life.”


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