Homeowners Seek Answers In Hyde Park Explosion

By Jim Armstong, WBZ-TV

HYDE PARK (CBS) — It will be one month tomorrow that Michael Burns and Bob Hauser lost absolutely everything.

Their Readville house exploded and burst into flame after a contractor doing work for the city accidentally ruptured a gas line on their street. Within seconds their house was gone.

Jim Armstrong reports from Hyde Park.

Over the past month the couple has moved from a hotel to an apartment nearby as they try to figure their next steps.

They tell WBZ they would like to know who ultimately is responsible for the explosion, but so far they’ve only seen finger-pointing.

Defelice Contractors say the street was improperly marked for digging; Nstar says it was never told to mark that particular part of the road.

The men don’t know if they’ll ultimately rebuild here.

They say they have wonderful neighbors who have gone out of their way to offer help, but it might feel too overwhelming to live in the same spot.

  • Cynic

    They are somewhat fortunate,unlike the man in Roxbury….The City is not taking them to Court.

  • smellmoney

    Overwhelming to move back i.e. lawsuit coming then moving uptown

  • mkplnd

    No homeowners insurance?

  • kevinw

    the couple had homeowner’s insurance. any lawsuit can only recover what they lost above and beyond what insurance covers…so, an ‘uptown’ move is not the goal. at best, they break even. this does not even begin to consider the time and effort that they have to invest to make themselves whole again. there is so much that they have lost that they will never have again.

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