WILMINGTON (CBS) – Heavily armed police and sharpshooters surrounded a home in Wilmington for several hours Wednesday before finding a man dead inside.

The standoff began around 7:30 a.m. when 42-year-old Scott Fama had an argument with his father at their home on Oakdale Road.  

Police said Fama fired at least one shot and his parents ran to a neighbor’s home and called 911.  The parents were not hurt. 

Police moved in, shut down the neighborhood and waited outside the house for hours while officers searched the area for Fama.

Just before noon, authorities launched tear gas into the home, went inside and found Fama dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

WBZ-TV’s Peg Rusconi reports

“I didn’t see any shooting, I just heard the shots,” neighbor Chuck Shea told WBZ-TV, adding that he heard as many as three shots at the beginning of the incident while he was walking his dog.

Another neighbor told WBZ News Radio Fama had a military background and a collection of weapons and guns. One resident told WBZ News Radio’s Carl Stevens he was talking about suicide a couple of days ago.

WBZ Radio’s Carl Stevens reports

Wilmington schools superintendent Joanne Benton told WBZ-TV schools closest to the scene held recess indoors as a precaution during the standoff.

Comments (87)
  1. Ellen says:

    Coming out of church this morning I saw helicopters hovering around Wilmington this morning, and was wondering what the heck was going on until a gentleman told me about the shootings. Haven’t heard anything more about it on the news, but God forbid if Prince William ditches Waiting Katie, it would be non stop news on all the channels and newspapers.

  2. TeeKay says:

    Right on Ellen. Sports and entertainment are a priority in news broadcasting. 10 people could be shot, but if the Red Sox trade or lose Jonathan Papelbon to free agency – that will be the number 1 story.

  3. Ellen says:

    Thanks TeeKay. It just ticks me off that something like this happens and nothing on t.v. about it. I live right near Wilmington, and here I am wondering if I should lock my doors because I don’t know what the hell is going on here. It’s sort of scary.

  4. petetm says:

    @Ellen – EXACTLY !!!!! I live there, in that nieighborhood, my wife is still at home and I’m trying to get some information. I (unknowingly) drove by this, probably at it was happening, this morning and then couldn’t get ANY information until about 1/2 hour ago. However, I do know that someone carved a nativity scene out of butter.

  5. Ellen says:

    Petetm, I know where your coming from, and now your wife and many more neighbors are thinking the exact same thing. What the hell is going on.

    1. lock down says:

      Have you heard anything else? I am living in this neighborhood currently home alone. Very disturbing

  6. WilmingtonResident says:

    My mother-in-law lives on the other end of this street and has received automated calls from the town stating that there is a police emergency and to stay in their house – preferably the basement.

  7. Ellen says:

    Thanks for the information WilmingtonResident. It’s sort of sad that news stations like WBZ is not as up on this as your mother-in-law.

    1. Bill Flaherty says:

      WBZ Radio has been reporting on this story since 9:30. The police are keeping the media about a 1/4 mile away.

      1. sammy01887 says:

        Bill, probably wise to keep media at a distance. Do you know of any updates from where you are? Are you in the neighborhood?

  8. locked down says:

    I am in a house in the neighborhood and was told to go into my basement if possible. Still not sure of what is going on except there was a shooting. My kids are in school and do not know what will happen if this neighborhood is not cleared by then. Right now it is so quiet, no cars and have not seen any cruisers. A little unnerving when you are alone.

  9. WilmingtonResident says:

    Honestly, she didn’t even know the what the emergency was until I called her. It is disconcerting that there isn’t more info than this. On the other hand, if the media did have a lot of information it might impede the progress of the police in resolving the issue quickly.

  10. lock down says:

    I agree with you WilmingtonResident. I am sure the Police are doing everything they can. I can just now hear helicopters over my house. Scary when you are alone and I am wondering what the town will do with the kids in this area if they have not cleared the area by the time they get out of school. Feel like leaving the house but know that would not be wise.

    1. Dee says:

      I read that the superintendent is planning to keep the kids from that area in the schools until parents can pick them up. I live fairly close to the area, but not in that neighborhood. I can still hear the helicopter. I hope they are able to end this soon. So scary for you Lockdown.

  11. Ellen says:

    Lock down. If this was happening in Dorchester we would be hearing it all over the place. I am sure the police are doing everything they can, but it would be nice to know if the public is endanger. WBZ, you do know that Wilmington is a part of this state, don’t you.

  12. Petetm says:

    Ellen, at least there’s something on BZ’s website. WHDH is telling me that Squinkies are this year’s popular toy. Apparently, THAT’S more newsworthy.

    1. lock down says:

      How lovely to hear about Squinkies. Will the media report on more serious issues please, Wait a minute NO! they obviouly feel store sales and marketing is more important

  13. Concerned says:

    Why isn’t the Woburn Street school which is nearby or the other schools Not in lockdown!! I just called the Woburn St where my child goes and they are allowing people to come and go!!! More than Angry about this!!

    1. lock down says:

      You have got to be kidding me! Where I realize that the North and Woburn are a distance (not far) away you would think they immediately locked down those schools. I agree they should let the day for the kids go on without saying anything to them but there should be behind the scenes precautions already in place. Contact the superintendent! This is just foolish and careless!

    2. worried mom says:

      My son is at the north they aren’t letting the kids out for recess etc… the person I spoke with also said they probably will not release the children if he isn’t caught at dismissal time….

      1. lock down says:

        That is great that the kids are staying insde but if Concerned is correct then letting people in is not keeping out kids safe. NO ONE IN AND NO ONE OUT SHOULD BE THE PROTOCOL RIGHT NOW!



      1. J4n1c3 says:


      2. Neighbor says:

        My two children were taken on the school bus up Oakdale at around 7:47 this morning, dont you think that the police should have had that bus turn around!! what the heck were they thinking, the reverse 911 calls didnt come until later in the morning, the first priority should have been the kids waiting for and getting on the bus in this neighborhood, I am so shocked that this was overlooked, if that guy came out shooting, bullets could have filled the school bus

  14. WilmingtonResident says:

    Lock down – I feel for you being all alone and worrying what will happen by the time the kids are let out of school. I have 2 little ones and am not too far from there. Also, have friends and family on that street. I do have confidence that the Wilmington school system has been informed of the situation and will be in communication with parents and do what’s needed to keep our kids safe.

    1. watch dawg says:

      then why have they not locked down the 2 area schools yet

  15. Petetm says:

    Lockdown – I heard two different reports so far. The first is the gunman is hold up in a house and the second (from a more reliable source I believe) is he is on the run and the police are looking for him. My wife is on the Judith Road end of Oakdale right now by herself as well. Just stay inside, close your blinds, and lock your doors.

  16. 01887 resident says:

    this happened over three hours ago. for all we know this man could be in north conway by now. i just wish officals would relase information as to if anyone was hurt. wondering is worse than knowing.

    1. lock down says:

      01887 resident. I am in this neighborhood and have not seen any ambulances. If you live in this neighborhood and are at work and a spouse or child is at home, I would try to rest easy in that if any of us saw ambulances we would let you know even if the media won’t..

  17. Petetm says:

    01887 – I don’t think anyone was hurt. Like I said earlier, I drove by this this morning as it was happening ( didn’t really know then what was going on). I believe the suspect shot at his parents, who were outside when I went by but the police were not on the scene yet.

  18. Ellen says:

    Petetm. my sister and I went to Dunkin Donuts in Wilmington about 9 this morning and saw helicopters hovering around there also. I think your right on target there. The guy must be on the run or why else would we be seeing police helicopters all over that part of town, and even in South Tewksbury for that matter.

  19. LaLa says:

    Last I heard they had Lucci’s Plaza surrounded. That was about an hour ago.

  20. Petetm says:

    Now there are reports of more gunshots.

    1. sammy01887 says:

      Where are the gunshots coming from? Still in this neighborhood?

  21. LaLa says:

    Petetm…. WHERE?

  22. Petetm says:

    Lucci’s !?!??! How did he get that far?

  23. worried mom says:

    I definatly agree that people shouldn’t be allowed in those two schools….I was dropping my son off @ the north when all this unfolded and I was passed by a swat cars and unmarked crusiers but no ambulances or fire trucks…

  24. LaLa says:

    It isn’t that far if he is going through the woods. Again… I didn’t see it myself. I am about a mile from there. Pretty much right smack in betwen the shooting and Lucci’s. I am not leaving anytime soon!

    1. sammy01887 says:

      say inside if you can. We have not received any calls telling us we can go out yet and there are more helicopters flying more frequently over my house in the Oakdale/shadylane area

  25. Petetm says:

    LaLa, at any other given time it may not be but being hunted down by SWAT, Police, dogs and helicopters, …. he’s not walking on paved road and any other way there is pretty wet (swamps, wet lands …..)

  26. Concerned says:

    No Lockdown per my call to Woburn St School – Letting people in and out!!!

  27. WilmingtonResident says:

    Where’s the news about more shooting and the move to Lucci’s coming from? I’m at work with no access to a radio. All I have is what I’m reading here and periodic reports from my in-laws.

  28. LaLa says:

    Petetm… That’s true. There is a lot of swamp land around here. Although, given the fact that his parents live here it is possible that he grew up in the area and knows his way around. I know I could find my way around the woods where I lived growing up. Who knows? I did talk to someone who did see the scene at Lucci’s. Pretty reliable source.

    1. DS says:

      As far as you know, is there still a police presence at Lucci’s? Also, I saw one comment above about an additional shot fired.. did that happen near or at Lucci’s?

  29. Petetm says:

    WilmingtonResident – that was earlier from LaLa but not confirmed yet. I’m getting my info from my wife and what’s coming on the Wilmington Facebook page.

  30. LaLa says:

    The info about Lucci’s is from someone who works right next to the Plaza. That is the scene as it was desribed to me by them.

  31. Ellen says:

    Here in South Tewksbury near Silver Lake we are hearing helicopters all over the place. Thank you all for the very valuable information you have been posting. It’s on the Boston Herald now. Well better late then never.

  32. worried mom says:

    Luccis is not surrounded there is a reading cop there though

  33. Concerned says:

    Got to love Joanne Benton – they will keep kids in the “area” affected from going on the bus home- this guy has already gone accross town! How are they determining that – Brilliant!! Need a lock down and no bus activity this afternoon. Yes it is inconvenient for a far away working parent like me whose child attends the after school program but lets think SAFETY for the kids. No bus, Lockdown – no in or out during school hours.

  34. Petetm says:

    So far, police, helicopters, SWAT ….. are still in the Oakdale area.

  35. Ellen says:

    WBZ or CBS, please don’t email me anymore news updates. Don’t want them.

  36. DS says:

    We’ve had a few helicopter fly-overs over here near the intersection of Rt-125 and 93, but they seem to have stopped. (11:48am). I assume those were the same helicopters from the Oakdale area circling.

  37. 01887 the ghetto? says:

    Hello…. THe recent gunshots were the police shooting teargas into the house. THey are not saying anything on the police scanner, they are now talking by personal cell phone!!! This sucks!!! If I hear anything else, I’ll post but I know FOR SURE that the last shots were TEAR GAS shots into the house… THe police called it on the scanner so don’t freak anymore than we already have to. I’m in Tewksbury at a friend’s contstable office and listening closely to the scanner. THey have NOT got him him yet though. :-(



  38. Oakdale Resident says:

    I live here, I think it’s over. I saw his poor mother on the ground crying and hugging her husband, and I think I heard an officer say “It’s all over.” I heard it is true that he tried to shoot his father, but fortunately missed. His parents are very sweet and don’t deserve this. I don’t think the kids are in danger, but they are having recess indoors today, and aren’t letting them out of the schools. I heard 3 gunshots about an hour or so ago, and about 10 minutes ago the ambulances arrived, so I think that’s what happened.

  39. Oakdale Resident says:

    01887- wow, I stand corrected, thanks for the update. I don’t have a scanner, so I could only interpret what I saw and heard from talking to the family. The police cars do seem to be leaving, though.

  40. 01887 the ghetto? says:

    Yes, Oakdale resident, I think you’re right… THey haven’t called it off yet on the scanner but they are opening the street and having the surrounding towns leave.



  42. WilmingtonResident says:

    Glad to hear the end is here or near. Please post once you get the all clear call from the town. Related to the comments on the Wilmington School system. I, too, have a kid at Woburn Street school and have to say that I was not worried in the least. That school has fairly tight security procedures on normal days. They have video survellance and have to buzz people into the building. I trust them to keep the kids safe.

  43. Concerned says:

    Well I appreciate you were not worried, however I was.
    Not sure about the Trained Observer Comment that this was a waste of our time when we have Swat in our town.

  44. K Cella says:

    Suspect dead, took his own life in the home…Channel 4 (source)

  45. 01887 the ghetto? says:

    Trained observer…. These are our families, our homes and our children’s safety!! You don’t have to be so negative. Wilmington is NOT the ghetto… I DO live in Wilmington… Less than 1/2 mile from where this happened. Stop being so rude!! Have a heart!!


    I apolgize for being so rude and negative. I am a high school dropout who has no job. All I do is sit at my mommy and daddy’s computer all day and post rude and negative comments on bosards, because I have no life.

    1. Dee says:

      Trained Observer: Snark is inappropriate here. Do you live in Wilmington? This is a quiet town and a decent community.

      Posting on a board like this is akin to standing out on the corner discussing an unusual and unnerving event like this one. It is a way for community to come together. This can be particularly important for someone like Lockdown who can’t walk to the corner or to a neighbor’s house because she has been told to stay inside.

      For those of us with children in nearby schools, this kind of forum is a useful way to pass information and to find some kind of reassurance that our children are not in danger.

      Snippy comments and insincere apologies for inappropriate and insensitive remarks are not needed.

    2. Cynic says:

      Trained observer….We have so much in common….You seem like my kind of guy…. The Wife is always taking off with the kids for Spain or someplace. They leave me here alone with the freakin’ Dog.Stop off at the house anytime….We can have a Beer….it’s 1600 Pensylvania ave….I’ll tell the guys at the gate that you’re coming.

  47. Oakdale Resident says:

    Trained Observer- if it’s such a waste of time, why are you still commenting?

  48. LaLa says:

    I am glad the information I received that he may have been at Lucci’s was incorrect!! I am glad that the general public and more importantly the children in the area were never in danger.

    I would also like to relay my condolences to the shooters parents and family. I am a parent and can’t imagine every having to endure an experience like this.

    To people like Trained Observer… I hope you get the help you need. You are obviously slightly mentally unstable yourself. Social misfits such as yourself are tyically the culprit in instances such as this. We wouldn’t want you to be the next headline!

  49. Dave says:

    I thought it may have been the pervert with the daycare in wilmington that did it but I was wrong. He seems more like a gay pedophile from what I read.

  50. Cynic says:

    There was a time when you got a call for a posible suicide and you just handled it….You didn’t have to bring half the Isreal Army with you..

  51. Petetm says:

    Dave – No, that case is still ongoing. Waiting on a trial date I believe.

  52. Oakdale Resident says:

    Cynic- this was not a call about a possible suicide. This was a call about an unstable man with a gun who had just tried to kill his father and was currently possibly loose somewhere in a residential neighborhood. Maybe you should know what you’re talking about before laying judgment. Also, I was here the whole time and I’m pretty sure I didn’t see any members of the Israeli army. There was enough drama and tragedy today, no one needs your attitude or exaggerations.

    My condolences also to the family- what a terrible, terrible thing to go through.

  53. sullyinma says:

    Oakdale Resident – just ignore Cynic. All he does is go around to all the news stories and post on the website and post sarcastic comments. He never offers anything of value.

    1. Cynic says:

      “Sarcastic… as in Will Rogers….With a little Thoreau occasionally…..

      1. Cynic says:

        Did I forget Humor?..Yeah a little Humor also.

  54. Oakdale Resident says:

    Ah, I see. One of those. Well, there have to be a few on every forum, huh? Thanks for the advice, will do.

    1. Cynic says:

      Did you see the Photo? Are they responding to a Family trouble call or invading Baghdad?

  55. Ellen says:

    At least the Boston Herald had something on this. The Boston Globe had absolutely nothing on this.

  56. Neighbor says:

    My two children came home to tell me that they saw the police while on the shcool bus this morning , going down Oakdale, and that they had machine guns!! can you believe that they let the school bus pass that situation!! I am appalled !! BAD JUDGEMENT !! I wish the reverse call had been sent out earlier, I could have kept my kids safe in the house, not driving by the Swat team!!!!

  57. ;) says:

    Hey, I live on the next street over About 100ft from where this happened. I’m not in Massachusetts right now but my father and sister were home at the time… I’m told that their name was Farmer and not Fama. Anyway, sry i missed it…

  58. PSone says:

    Parents: Please do not overreact to the situation. Rumors cause unneeded concern and fair in an already stressful and sad situation.

    The Wilmington Police and School District have a GREAT partnership (Officers assigned directly to many schools). They were in constant contact throughout the entire event. The safety of all was crucial. The bus situation seemed to be unavoidable due to the exact timing of the incident and the school bus stop pickup.

    Please contact the Police and/or schools with your concerns rather than posting hurtful and nasty comments on the blog about this GREAT community.

  59. kim says:

    this is a VERY SAD AND HORRIBLE situation you people need to stop making the story worse and have some FEELINGS all this blogging before you even have the FACTS STRAIGHT i’ve know this family for years the guy had some problems JUST SO HAPPY THE FAMILY IS SAFE!!!!! CALM THE HELL DOWN don’t get your panties in a twist and everyone else’s till you know the TRUE FACTS!!! and lucci’s that funny they don’t even live near there for christ sakes have feelings for this family!!!!!!!!!!!! at this sad holiday season —-xo

  60. Diana says:

    This is an extremely sad situation. My mother knew Scott and he was very kind to her. My dad is disabled, and he helped my mom a lot with “handyman” type chores. My mother spoke a lot of him and what a great person he was. Yes, there were “troubles”, but there are two sides to every story. Just wanted to say that it is devastating that these situations take on lives of their own, when someone’s life is over. God Bless everyone involved, the family, and RIP, Scott. I know from what I ‘ve heard from my mom, who is a wonderful woman, that this man had a lot of good inside his heart. Very sad indeed. Let’s remember that and take care everyone.

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