BOSTON (CBS) A one-two punch for the owner of an apartment building in Roxbury this week.

First the building on Saint James Street was hit by a city tow truck;  then the owner is hit with a citation listing structural defects.

Ian Cottrell was ordered to fix the problems, which include collapsed bricks, damaged windows and other unsafe and dangerous conditions within 24 hours and then appear in court.

He says its unfair because the truck made the code violations.

Meantime, the driver of the truck is on paid  administrative leave while an internal investigation proceeds.  He told police the truck’s brakes failed after he hit a parked car, struck another vehicle and then hit the building.

Boston Transportation Commissioner Tom Tinlin spoke with WBZ’s Rod Fritz.

Comments (13)
  1. Ron says:

    Of course it’s his fault. He shouldn’t have left his building in the way of the tow truck. It’s clearly negligence on his part to expect that vehicles stay in the road. The driver is the real victim here and the taxpayers should foot the bill for an all-expenses-paid trip to a nice tropical island to recover from the horrible suffering this building owner inflicted upon him. We need to demand justice for the driver and the city.The city of Boston shouldn’t have to suffer the atrocity of buildings being placed where drivers who leave the road can hit them. /sarcasm.

  2. Phoenix says:

    Leave it to the City of Boston… we’ll get you one way or another – or in this case, both! The property owner gets a city tow truck in his building and a citation for the damage. Nice!

  3. carol byrnes says:

    Please tell me there is another side or more to this story
    Why is the owner resposible? Please check the credentials of this city worker, he shoud be in violation for being stupid.

  4. decol says:

    Hey Menino, are you reading this? This is so stupid I can’t even respond!!

  5. JohnC says:

    …And then they wonder why we hold the gouvernment in contempt…

  6. confusedtaxpayer says:

    so i’m assuming that the home owner in readville, whose house was blown up by city subcotractors work on gas lines, was fined for littering his neighborhood with the debris??

  7. Cbass says:

    The only thing missing is that the building owner should also pay the cost of fixing or replacing the tow truck

  8. Cynic says:

    Google Map 61 St.James Street….It’s the ONLY house on the block. Either the truck diver has terrific aim ot the people that live in the house have rotten luck. Did you check out the Photo of the truck? What a freakin’ rust bucket. Did anyone check the Inspection Sticker?

  9. peter says:


  10. Sue Morrison says:

    I have to agree with everyone that this is incredibly stupid. How the hell is it the building owner’s fault? At times like this, living in Boston is embarrassing!

  11. wow says:

    why the owner is responsible for the damage done by the city tow truck?? City of Boston is above the low or what? its really funny…..I hope the owner will sue city of Boston.

  12. mudshark says:

    Truly a milestone in the annals of human stupidity!!

  13. JV says:

    Sounds like they want him to get rid of the evidence for them too. I hope owner is wise enough to show up in court and explain the situation. Tell the judge the repairs will be made as soon as the lawsuit filed against the city is settled and they write a big fat check.

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