BOSTON (CBS) – The long-term unemployed – people who have been out of work for up to 99 weeks – are about to lose their benefits.

Lisa van der Pool of the Boston Business Journal reports.

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  1. massman says:

    Let’s let struggling families benefits run out, while extending tax cuts for the wealthy, and spending $720 billion on the military. Sounds like a great plan. If the GOP wants these extensions funded, then there are two places to start looking. Although they had no problem passing medicare part D, unfunded.

  2. still unemployed says:

    My unemployment benefits ran out in March. I didn’t qualify for the extension signed over the summer, because I was over the 99 weeks by 5 weeks. I’ve been sending out my resume like a madwoman since. Very few interviews, no offers.
    Its been an incredible struggle.

    1. Wendy Hare Juergens says:

      I have a solution for you and everyone losing benefits. Take control of your future. Take a look at this 23-year-old company that is listed on the Nasdaq. Incredible compensation plan and support system. Contact me if you’d like to learn more.

  3. sick of paying for others. says:

    I’ve been sending out my resume like a madwoman since.

    Should have been doing it all along. I know people making more money on unemployment with cash jobs that dont want to go back to work.
    Such a scam.
    You can get a job if you want to work

  4. MM says:

    to the person sick of paying for others/
    Try working for a co. for 25years and it closes down and you been laid of since may of 2009 and you applied everywhere and for anything. then now you will loose your pay and not be able to put food on the table and a roof over your head. try living the life before you make a comment like that….

  5. JametSteve says:

    Aha, has got!

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