BOSTON (CBS) – WBZ Morning News co-anchor Ed Walsh anchored his final newscasts Tuesday as he retired after a long and distinguished career in radio.

He had anchored the morning drive newscast at WBZ since 2006.

Listen: Ed Walsh Says Goodbye

He is leaving to spend more time with his family, which now includes nine grandchildren.

Read: Jon Keller’s Salute To Ed Walsh

Walsh joined WBZ News Radio in 2006 from CBS RADIO sister station WCBS News Radio 880 in New York. He followed in the footsteps of long time news anchor Gary LaPierre, who retired after more than forty years at WBZ.

WBZ-TV’s Paula Ebben Reports

A search for Walsh’s replacement is underway.  LaPierre will fill in next week.

Walsh was born in Somerville, raised in Natick and Wellesley and graduated from Wellesley High School and Holy Cross College, with a degree in economics.

He served in combat as a naval officer in Vietnam.

Walsh and his wife Chris have been married for 41 years. They are the parents of a son and three daughters. They will split their retirement time between Florida and Maine.

Comments (28)
  1. Don Scott says:

    All the best to you Ed and your family.

    I retired 11 yrs ago and enjoy it very much.

    I listenen to you most mornings at 710 Wor and WBZ
    Lucky to live in Southern RI to pull in both stations.
    Good Luck!!

  2. Marsha Kelley Golden says:

    Your classmates from WHS ’65 missed you at the reunion but follow you and your newcasts daily. You will be missed….
    Enjoy retirement and those blessed grandchildren….
    Marsha Kelley Golden

  3. John says:

    A REAL pro. Truly enjoyed and APPRECIATED his work at WBZ. ALL the best in retirement…guaranteed with all those grandchildren it WON’T be quiet :)

    God Bless


  4. A grateful listener says:

    Hi Ed,

    I listen to WBZ everyday, and have appreciated your time with us in Boston. Best of luck in your retirement.

  5. Patricia Dustin says:

    Congratulations Ed,
    The beach awaits you! We heard your last show and always very professional.My favorite part of the show was listening to your kids all call in.Pretty special. WBZ pulled out all the stops to let that happen, You and WBZ are definitely class acts.
    See you soon,
    Your friends in Cocoa Beach,FL
    Patti & Gary Dustin

  6. rich o says:

    4 Years of listening to you and I see why they call you a pro . Congrats on your retirement , as You cannot be replaced . A tough act to follow

  7. Paul Y says:

    Ed, best of luck in your retirement. – obviously an early retirement –
    Remember you from our days or daze at the “General Tire and Rubber Factory” in Government Center – aka WRKO.

  8. Gary LaPierre says:

    God speed Ed Walsh. Enjoy your retirement, your family, your good health and your life.
    I highly recommend this retirement thing and I’m sure you’ll grasp it with all the class and integrity you’ve demonstrated through an admirable broadcast career.
    Be well my friend.

  9. David B says:

    Ed – Thanks for the many years of tremendous reporting and insight. We will all miss your professionalism and steady work. My dad is retired in Fla now and enjoyed you too for many years..Best of luck enjoying time with your family.

  10. gerry says:

    ed, you will be missed, i loved your voice the first time i heard it four years ago! i wish you a wonderful retirement and enjoy your family, that is what it is all about! Good luck and God bless!

  11. Jeanne Quinlan says:

    Ed,it’s been a great priviledge knowing you and Chris all these many years. We,your friends in Duxbury, were thrilled to hear 4 years ago that you would be back in Boston and we will miss you so much. I loved hearing your opinions on everything from soup to nuts and hopefully you will keep all of us in the loop on what your latest adventures will be..Good luck and we’ll see you soon! WBZ will certainly miss you and your golden voice of reason! Jeanne and Mike

  12. jackj22 says:

    Ed, you quickly became family to the WBZ listeners and while we will miss your steady, reasoned voice, we wish you godspeed in your retirement with the knowledge that WBZ and its audience were privileged to have had you in our ambit these last four years.

  13. Tony DiCecca says:

    Ed…Listened to you every morning, Will mmiss your voice and humor!

  14. Alyson K says:

    Ed…I so enjoyed listening to you and Steve in the wee hours of the morning. I loved the banter between the two of you, and it made me smile as I was ending a long night’s work. Thank you.
    I wish you and your family all the best!

  15. C GOODNOW says:

    ED you followed a great one lapierre, but you did it and in fashion.Good luck you will be missed

  16. joe webber says:

    Ed,I listened to you every morning and will miss you.Good luck

  17. Arun says:


    Although I am not from this country, I am a listener of 1030 and I have always admired your voice. Best part is good to hear news through your voice in the mornings… nothing fancy..just clean and pleasant voice ..unlike some people who plays with the words.. Defn. you will be missed. At the same time Enjoy your retirement .. I am happy for you.

  18. Gordon L. Noseworthy says:

    After five years of retirement I went back to work as an interim Superintendent of Schools. Many thanks for keeping me company on my morning commute with your highly professional broadcasting.
    Grandchildren are the best! Enjoy the wonderful times ahead in retirement.

  19. Jon Yelland says:

    Ed-best of luck to you. I listen to you every morning on the way to work. You will be missed but now you can spoil your grandchildren.

  20. Pete Rojcewicz, Bellingham, MA says:

    Enjoy retirement Ed! From a fellow alumnus of Holy Cross, WCHC, and WNEB Radio in Worcester.

  21. Frank Kingston Smith says:

    Fair winds and following seas, Ed. You are one of the best. Phoenix could really use you… again.

  22. Rich in PA says:

    Ed, please call in to Steve LaVeille’s overnight show for an extended chat sometime. I always appreciated the insight and wisdom you shared in the 3 minute EdLines at 4:30. Stay in touch! Best to you and your family.

  23. Liz Heumann says:

    Hi Ed,
    I happened to be traveling yesterday and turned to WBZ where I heard your last broadcast. I actually pulled my car over so I would not lose the signal and listened to the entire segment. What a wonderful career you have had.
    Heartwarming to hear the calls that came in from all over wishing you well, especially from your children.
    Congratulations on having nine grandchildren and best of luck to you, Chris and your family. Sounds like a wonderful retirement! Cas :)

  24. ahmed says:


    Good luck with your move. All the best and God Bless. You will be missed!!

  25. Ricky Curtin says:

    Ed, Wishing you, in retirement, the best of health and happiness. Enyoyed your sense of humor, early in the morning. Thank you for your service in Vietnam. In the future, maybe you can do some fill in roles at WBZ like Lapierre.

  26. Kate S. says:

    I will definitely miss Mr. Walsh on the mornings when I am almost done my shift from 12-8 am. He was indeed a true professional and I do wish him the best in his retirement. I hope that there is a lot of sleeping in, golf (or whatever other hobbies he enjoys) watching Red Sox games at 7 o’clock instead of going to bed for work the next morning at 5! Happy Trails Mr. Walsh!

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