A Blog By Gary LaPierre

     So…..did you get out and do your thing on Black Friday……or are you waiting for Cyber Monday?    With the hope that you answered in the negative to both parts of that question…..I’ll continue on…with a few confessions along the way.

     First, I didn’t have to fly myself yet…over this holiday period, but I did go to an international airport twice to pick up and drop off family members and guess what, all the media hype about chaos didn’t happen…….again.   The only flight delays were weather related, and the only delays during the check-in and security phase of flying was waiting for some guy to get his shoes back on.  The threats of an opt-out of security scaning by the great unwashed never happened.   In fact at the airport where I witnessed, one guy with a sign urging people to refuse the security scanner almost needed protection from flyers looking to go through the scanner and get onto their destination.    Yes this whole body-groping thing by the TSA for the folks who refuse the scanner is offensive.   Groping little kids, Nuns and little old ladies is a disgrace, but the issue isn’t the monster the media created and for the most part, travelers are pleased to feel protected and safe and get on with the flight.   I do have to take a flight next Wednesday and if any of this changes, you’ll be the first to know.

    I did (confession time) happen to stop by a shopping center on Black Friday and yes, it was a zoo.    I can’t believe some stores opened at midnight to start Black Friday, but even more amazing is the stores that opened their doors at 3 a.m.    The people who opted to shop during those hours definately need some other diversions in their lives.    There were some great bargains for sure on everything from clothing to flat-screen TV’s (I bought a golf shirt originally priced at $65 for $19.49) but all of this stuff, TV’s included was older models…..not the most current stuff.   I still can’t believe I can buy a 46-inch flat screen for about 500-bucks.   Same TV 8-years ago cost me $2,800. 

     As for Cyber-Monday……..not a chance.    I can’t wait to stroll the stores at the mall right up to and probably including December 24th.


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