By Levan Reid, WBZ-TV SportsBy Levan Reid

BOSTON (CBS) – Here are some news and notes from around the NFL and beyond.


A big matchup to watch on Sunday is the Atlanta Falcons taking on the Green Bay Packers.

Besides the fact that both these teams are fighting for NFC supremacy, it will be interesting to see if any team can shake Matt Ryan’s home cooking.

The former BC quarterback is 18-and-1 in the Georgia Dome. Add to that he’s only been sacked 19 times, that’s once a game.

Matt loves playing in the Dome and he’ll have to be at his best because Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is coming in hot – 7 touchdowns and no interception in his last 2 games.


Eight teams play this weekend with either questions or injury issues at the quarterback position.

We could see a number of quarterbacks benched during games, as well as injured quarterbacks unable to finish games.

Tennessee, Carolina, Oakland, San Francisco, Arizona, Cleveland, Miami, and even Minnesota could be in QB trouble.

Is it any wonder these eight teams have only 28 wins combined?

Vince Young is done for the year, and some would believe for good, in Tennessee.

Rule one in the football personnel business is to replace talent with talent.

Young is 30-18 as a starter, and there’s no one on the roster to deliver similar results.

The Titans are still very much in the playoff hunt, but having Rusty Smith under center for a division game in Houston is bad timing. Tennessee is on a three-game losing streak and has a 2-5 conference record, and Randy Moss is still waiting for someone to throw him a pass.


Soccer 6 is in Miami this week but still chimes in with a sunny version of what’s going on.

6 tells us that the new season of “Basketball Wives” starts December 12th. That’s joy for 6 but a pain in the gluteus for everybody else.

Soccer is actually happy about this. VH1 must have money to burn. Maybe this season they will have more ex-wives and ex-girlfriends of ex-basketball players. They should actually call the show the “Basketball Ex’s.”

Anyway, 6 says the new season will have an appearance by Chad Ochocinco. Chad and Basketball Wives star Evelyn met via twitter and now they are dating.


I just threw up in my mouth a little.

Chad needs to focus on football and no one should call anyone from this show a star.

6 also chimes in that Cam and Arod are an item again. By the way for us normal people, that’s Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez. That’s good because I was losing sleep over it. I am glad those two kids have worked things out. Soccer says they are in Miami and both were seen working out at a gym. I guess 6 and all the beautiful people are just chilling in the sun.

Finally, if you remember in one of my previous posts, the Miami Herald put on a poetry contest for someone to write about Lebron James coming to South Beach. The winner was announced and it was Crystal Booker of Miami.

Here is her poem:

Letting go is hard, we know

The King is here, and we’ve warmed up his seat

Cleveland go ahead and spit the flames

You can’t burn up the Heat

I guess that’s good. I can’t believe that is the poem that won and neither can 6. The audience picked another winner. It was 60 year old Valory Green. Her poem was slamming.

It’s easy to compare him to a summer’s day

He’s as hot as the team for which he plays

Like the ball in the logo, my heart is ablaze

The object of my affection: LBJ

Folks, that’s a poem.

Pay attention Soccer, I would put your poem out there but no need to embarrass you again.

Thank you Soccer 6 and thanks to everybody for reading.


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