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BOSTON (CBS) – Whenever the Patriots and the Colts play one another, the media room is packed. I have said it before, these games are events and they are instantly national news. Yesterday, there were national writers on hand to witness another classic. Here is a sample of what they penned for their respective papers and websites.

Jason Cole of Yahoo Sports notes that the Patriots’ defense rewarded coach Bill Belichick this time around against the Colts. “This is the play New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick didn’t trust his defense to make a year ago, when the man who knows the percentages better than any coach who has ever worked in the NFL made the most scrutinized fourth-down call in league history,” writes Cole. “This is the play that could signal the Patriots may once again have a defense just good enough to win another Super Bowl in a year.”

Judy Battista of the New York Times focuses on the Patriots’ defense making the big play at the end. Battista adds color from the post-game scene, writing “Tom Brady strolled through the locker room Sunday night, one of his sons nestled in the crook of his left arm. A few minutes later, a relaxed Bill Belichick was back on the Gillette Stadium field with a lacrosse stick. There had not been too many occasions for family celebrations and playing around after recent vintages of the Patriots’ series with the Indianapolis Colts.”

Dave Goldberg of AOL Fanhouse writes on another classic showdown, quoting Bill Belichick, who said: “I really kind of expected another one like this. You always do when you play this team. It wasn’t just us. That fellow over on the other side is a pretty good quarterback. You know he’s going to make plays on you at some point in the game. You never sit back and think you’ve got it.”


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