Wakefield Dog Attacked By Coyotes, Family Issues Warning

By Jonathan Elias, WBZ-TV
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Pepper, a Japanese Chin dog, was attacked by coyotes outside his home in Wakefield. (credit: CBS)

Pepper, a Japanese Chin dog, was attacked by coyotes outside his home in Wakefield. (credit: CBS)

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WAKEFIELD (CBS) — He’s shaved with bunch of stitches in three parts of his body, yet when you see Pepper he wags his tail as though he’s happy. Probably is, too, considering he survived two coyotes trying to eat him.

Last week the 12-pound Japanese Chin dog was doing what he’s done for the last six years. He went outside for his nightly business run last Thursday when two Coyotes were on him fast.

“Pepper was yelping in pain, and wasn’t right. Never did that before,” said Mike Urbonas.

Urbonas says he sprinted out the door.

“I didn’t see Pepper, but I did see greenish blackish fur of coyotes and they were on him. I ran towards them screaming, ‘Get out of here’ as loud as I could.”

It worked because they let his dog go, and Pepper was still alive.

The Urbonas family rushed him to the pet hospital, and after four hours of surgery he pulled through.

Now the Urbonas’s are spreading the word about the dangers of Coyotes in Wakefield. Carmen Urbonas is thankful her husband acted so quickly and she wants her neighbors to heed their warning,

“We just want to get the word out because we thought we had done everything right to keep our dog safe.”

Long before this attack the Urbonas’s say they sealed up their trash, removed bird feeders which attract squirrels, and installed lights none of which did the trick.

“We had put flood lights in our backyard to light it up, to keep an eye on him. We’ve heard coyotes won’t come if there’s light or signs of human habitat, but we found that’s not the case.”

So now the Urbonas family just wants everyone to know that coyotes aren’t just hunting squirrels and moles, they’re after your pets as well.

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