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BOSTON (CBS) — When the Pats take on the Colts this week, the whole NFL world will be watching.

This is one of those games that always has a prime time feel. For 2 teams that are not in the same division, they play very often. The Pats have faced the Colts 22 times since 1996 but this will be the first time the Colts come to Foxboro since 2006.

The Colts will look different to many of the Patriot fans. No Dallas Clark, for the Colts and that has caused teams to blitz Peyton Manning. On the other hand, the Colts are the NFL’s least likely team to blitz. They have sent five or more pass rushers on less than 17 percent of opponent pass plays. The next lowest percentage is the Chiefs at 23.

Here are some connections in the rivalry. Colts kicker, Adam Vinatieri played for the Patriots for 10 seasons. Bill Belichick began his NFL coaching career as a special assistant for the Baltimore Colts and Patriots offensive line coach Dante Scarnecchia coached offensive line for the Colts 1989 and 1990. Outside of those 2 years, Dante has only been with the Pats.


Here are the NFL Power Rankings for week 11. I took these from Fanhouse.com and I actually think, for the most part that these are right on.

1. Patriots
2. Eagles
3. Falcons
4. Jets
5. Packers
6. Giants
7. Colts
8. Ravens
9. Steelers
10. Saints
11. Raiders
12. Bears
13. Buccaneers
14. Seahawks
15. Jaguars
16. Dolphins
17. Chargers
18. Titans
19. Chiefs
20. Texans
21. Broncos
22. Rams
23. Browns
24. Redskins
25. 49ers
26. Vikings
27. Cardinals
28. Cowboys
29. Bills
30. Lions
31. Bengals
32. Panthers

I like the fact that the Eagles have moved up. If Michael Vick has another solid week, I am not sure it matters what the other teams do. He’s playing some space age stuff football. Raiders win this weekend and they are in the top 10. Giants lose and they are out of the top 10.


After getting knocked out of the game on Sunday, Steelers veteran receiver Hines Ward, thinks Patrick Chung should be fined. Ward is calling the hit illegal and shared those thoughts with the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

“I was falling down and I wasn’t expecting to get hit,” Ward said, according to the newspaper’s website. “He hit me, and that is what caused the head, neck [injury] or whatever you guys want to call it. I don’t know what the league wants. It is what it is. It was helmet-to-helmet, and I thought that is what usually causes a fine. I am not going to sit there and worry about if the guy got fined or not.”

The big problem with that is, it was James Sanders who hit Hines, not Chung. The league does not usually dole out their fines until late Friday.


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