By Bill Shields, WBZ-TVBy Bill Shields

COHASSET (CBS) — Rhonda Kallman was one of the founders of the Boston Brewing Company, which produces the popular Sam Adams Beer. But she’s now started another brewing company that produces a craft beer called Moonshot.

That pilsner beer has the usual amount of alcohol, four percent, and a small amount of caffeine, 69 milligrams — about half a cup of coffee.

“In 2003, I saw that consumers were starting to drink a lot of beverages that contained caffeine, like Red Bull, and even Mountain Dew,” said Kallman. “So I came up with Moonshot, for people who like beer, and a small dose of caffeine.”

All was going well, until the now-notorious Four Loko and Joose became popular on college campuses. Those drinks contain high amounts of caffeine and alcohol.

The FDA has issued warnings to its producers, but that FDA net has also snagged Kallman’s Moonshot.

She may have to remove the caffeine from the traditional pilsner beer.

“Those other products are like a speedball…but my beer is nothing like those.”

Still, the Cohasset brewer fears that if Moonshot is shot down by the FDA her fledgling company will go down with it.

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  1. Froggie says:

    I feel for the small beer maker who uses a little caffeine in their brew. Now, how long will it be before “rum and Coke” will no longer be legal.

  2. Dave says:

    It’s hard for me to believe that our Government can mother us like this. I’m stunned at the thought that the FDA would get involved in this media hype and over dramatized issue and use it to bully private industry. Seems to be a theme in this administration.

    1. bigyaz says:

      Dave: Really. Any company should be able to sell anything, no matter how potentially dangerous, and the government should butt out?

      Until, of course it’s your kid who decides to try one of these products and gets sick or dies. Then you’d be screaming and blaming the government for not taking action sooner. Typical neocon.

  3. emom says:

    Grreat all we need is WIDE AWAKE DRUNKS, who think they can handle much more alchohol…….. I remember folks giving coffee to wake up a drunk,,, now we mix it together and so they stay away , party harder, drink much more and become more drunk,,,,, YES regulate these kinds of drinks even the non-alchoholic versions,,,, some are not worth the health issues,,,, some are very dangerous for some, especially if you take medicne ,,,,some just dont realize the potential dangers of these caffinated drinks,,,, even to much plain soda and or coffee can cause health issues,,,,,DOES ANYONE EVEN KNOW WHAT COMMON SENSE IS ANY MORE DO THEY…….. I guess they will when its too late,,,,

  4. Cynic says:

    I usually have five mugs of Coffee a day……Does this mean the FDA is going to raid my Kitchen and carry away my Mr.Coffee?

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