BOSTON (CBS/AP) — Homes in seven towns were raided by police in connection to a long term drug investigation.

WBZ has confirmed that the FBI, the drug enforcement agency, state police and the district attorney’s office are behind the raids.

U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz confirms 25 people were arrested. The arrests took place in Brockton, Hanover, South Easton, Dedham, Lynn, Somerville and Stoughton.

According to Ortiz, all the suspects were apprehended on federal and state drug and gun charges.

Sixteen search warrants were also executed, officials said.

Sera Congi reports from Brockton.

According to the affidavit, an investigation began in Dec. 2009 into members of a large heroin distribution organization, which was distributing significant quantities of heroin in and around Brockton.

Raw Video Of Arrest

The following is a list of the suspects arrested during Thursday’s raids:

1) Tiffany Marie ANDRADE of South Easton
2) Claudio Araujo a/k/a “Lenny” of Brockton
3) Alessio Barbosa a/k/a “Alexio”, a/k/a “Alex”, a/k/a “A” a/k/a “Ace” of Brockton
4) Dany L. Brandao of Brockton
5) Nicholas Deangelis of Brockton
6) Emanuel Docanto a/k/a “Mandog” of Brockton
7) Miguel A. Fernandes of Brockton
8) Ismael Figueroa of Lynn
9) Ivan Fonseca of Brockton
10) Iury Jandir Gomes a/k/a “Utes” of Brockton
11) Alector Goncalves a/k/a “JG” of Brockton
12) Tamara Hollis of Brockton
13) Carey Monteiro of Dedham
14) Elsio Monteiro of Brockton
15) Robert Parsons of Hanover
16) Emanuel Ribeiro of Brockton
17) Jose G. Rosa a/k/a “J” a/k/a “Big Poppa” of South Easton
18) Virgilio Rosa a/k/a “Turbo” of Brockton
19) Nine Silveira of Brockton
20) Gregory Stubbs of Stoughton
21) Timothy T. Tamulevich, a/k/a “Tiny” of Brockton
22) Justin A Teixeira a/k/a “Becky” of Brockton
23) Carla Vincente of Brockton
24) Catherine Watts a/k/a “Kate” of Somerville
25) Jason Miranda, of Brockton

According to officials, Fernandes, Rosa, Gomes and Teixeira are all large-scale heroin dealers.

“Today’s arrests should be a clear signal to those distributing drugs in our neighborhoods that the federal government is aggressively working with state and local law enforcement to track their movements, find their associates and close down their operations,” Ortiz said.

Listen to WBZ NewsRadio’s Mark Katic report from Brockton:

SkyEye captured video of police taking an unidentified man out a of house on Clinton Street in Brockton and putting him in the back of a state police van. Officials tell WBZ they have also executed a search warrant at a home on Green Street in Brockton.

A state police spokesman confirmed the agency’s gang unit was involved in the warrant sweep.

Just last week another raid took place in the North Shore.

Federal agents, along with state and local police, descended on neighborhoods in Lynn and Lowell in a targeted drug and firearms sweep dubbed “Operation Melting Pot.” In all, 37 locations were swept.

Police have not confirmed a link between these two raids.

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Comments (17)
  1. Cynic says:

    Did WBZ just happen to have a Helicopter in the area?

  2. Cynic says:

    Fortunately for the Trooper in the Video,OD’ing on Whoppers and Big Mac’s is not a crime.

    1. Sally says:

      I agree! It’s sad that our hard earned money goes to paying salries to troopers and officers that are too overweight to even be able to protect us. I guess I’d be happy if I was running from him :-)

  3. Common Sense says:

    sad? really?? here you are watching footage of an officer arresting dangerous criminals. but you’re not satisfied by that cuz he doesn’t run a treadmill in his spare time? take your hard earned money and stick it up your rear

    1. Cynic says:

      Dangerous Criminals my foot…..They’re just drug dealers..What’s interesting about this is that the media “Just Happened” to be there….Is this a Drug Raid or a TV Show….. It’s great for ratings….Is this the Medias reward for not asking too many questions When The Staties take out a few cars and a telephone pole in Quincy or run over a jogger in Weymouth or pull a gun on the Police in Dorchester.

      1. Common Sense says:

        You ever set up a lemonade stand on Green street, Cynic? YES Dangerous. They weren’t exactly selling weed, hamburgers, and smiles here. There are near record numbers of drug related deaths in 2010. A handful of them were innocent people hit by crossfire or wrong place at the wrong time…alot like your Quincy Telephone pole. I can’t believe the media kept that one off the front page! :)

  4. jdoe says:

    its called blousing a uniform you moron. The uniforom is made to be 2 sizes too big

    Sally I bet your 10x larger sitting on the computer all day

  5. Even more sense says:

    it’s your hard earned money that just got these 26 criminals off the street. But, it’s your elected officials that will let them back out in a day or two. Bravo Boston!

  6. RichO says:


    would you be the one to step in front of a bullet ? Fat or not , what happens if they opened fire and He died ? Too Bad ?

  7. MOM says:

    Cynic, REALLY?? You are more worried that the police office is Fat not that they just arrest Heroin deals in Brockton!! I guess you don’t have kids in Brockton, idiot!

  8. Sullyinma says:

    Cynic, what difference does it make if WBZ had a helicopter in the area? If that tropper (that you claim to be od’ing on Whoppers & Big Mac’s), were to save a member of your family from harm, would you still be singing the same tune about him? RichO, there is now way that Cynic would be the one to step in front of a bullet to save a total stranger, yet any law enforcement office does it on a daily basis (if needed) no questions asked. Whether they are fat or skinny. All cynic does is sit at his computer all day, and posts those snide remarks on every article on the internet. He has nothing better to do with his or her life.

  9. kojak says:


    BUILD the Mexico Border Fence~~!

  10. pscooper says:

    Bravo to all involved in this raid. It’s thugs like that who have destroyed cities who were once considered a great place to live. Families like mine who lived in cities like Brockton for 30 yrs or more were forced to move to another town far away so that are families can live safely.

    There will always those will put down good work. But I choose to root for the people of Brockton, Stoughton, Hanover, Easton etc.. The streets will be a little safer for them to live their lives

  11. Get Real says:

    hmmm….was this during rush hour traffic? hmmmm….does wbz along with other tv stations have helicopters that fly along the highways to report and show live video of traffic? hmmmmmm…..did this all go down during that time? hmmmmmmmmm…. do any highways that just MIGHT have traffic be close to Brockton (RT 24)? hmmmmmm…just sayin!

  12. Sullyinma says:

    If you ignore Cynic, he/she will go away.

  13. Done Did Get Real'd says:

    OF Course it was in conjunction with the press you dummy! Yes the networks are about the ratings, (you seem to have a conspiracy issue with them?) :) but the Feds couldn’t care less about the media and use the press as a strategic message to the multiple other “rings” around MA and the general public…This isn’t Tijuana!

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