HAVERHILL (CBS) —  Haverhill is taking an active stance against bed bugs, telling residents that another person’s trash could become their bedbug nightmare.

City officials are warning that mattresses, couches, appliances and other items that are left on the side of the street may be carrying the insects.

The mayor says New York City is facing a  very serious problem with bed bugs as the population of the pests has risen by 400 percent over the last year.

Some city Councilors are calling on the local government to strongly warn residents  against picking up “freebies” on the streets and taking them into their homes.

  WBZ Producer Jon MacLean speaks with Haverhill City Councilor David Hall.

Comments (4)
  1. Cynic says:

    Perhaps we could train those that are unemployed to sniff out Bedbugs? Why should the Beagles get all the good jobs.

  2. Bed Bugs on Bed says:

    Unhygienic practices are the basic reasons for pandemic bedbugs. People, doing this, give invitation to the bedbugs of being a dinner to them.


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