It seems like every week Brett Favre says something self-centered, stupid or both. Well, Favre did it again this week, but the only difference is Zo has officially had enough. Listen to what Favre had to say this time around and Zo’s reaction!

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  1. stephen Mill says:

    Calm down lazzzzzzzy eye Farve will be gone at year end

  2. Kellythe PackerBacker says:

    Favre has been paid a 100 million to stand toe to toe with the biggest baddest men on earth.

    Zo is what?

  3. mike/wisconsin says:

    The only way someone listens to your show is for you to mention Brett’s name. You are zero and Brett is a national hero.

  4. huey1969 says:

    favre is a self centered ass. pleasssssssssssssssssse retire.

  5. Hayyel says:

    But is it not true that we see this odd behavior with many our pampered athletes? Zo is just doing his job by giving an opinion. I think the bigger problem is our insistence on making gods out of athletes and celebrities. In another year Brett will be gone and the circus will move on to another character. Don’t kill the messenger.

  6. pkolb says:

    Zo does not want Bret to retire, he is all he has got. Wothout him he is just a mouth with nothing to say. Yes 3 picks last week throwing to what, not much and a tight end that ca;t stand up

  7. Hayyel says:

    Why all the Zo hating? Do you guys know him personally? Maybe if you met him you would actually think he’s a nice guy. From a distance, it seems to me that Brett is the real “tool” and not Zo. Zo gets paid to talk and talk he does. What’s wrong with a guy doing his job? Maybe all this “man love” for Brett is the reason why he thinks he can get away with his child-like behavior.

  8. Dustin says:

    Hmmm…never heard of ZO, but a quick google news search on B.Favre got me to this page. So, much like the Vikings, and the Jets, and Jenn Stee-cash seak-ger, and the Packers before that, YOU ZO, are largely irrelevant to this world. We’re all tired of his antics, but 99% of the NFL fan base loves to watch him play.He’s a train wreck or a beautiful piece of peotry in EVERY game. His drama MAKES him likeable and hateable all at the same time. BUT, if you’re a guy that makes his coin talking about B,Farve, you are in no place bash his antics. They make him relevant and he makes you relevant

  9. Martin says:

    What was so bad about what Bret said?The only reason why people are beating up on Farve is that he is losing.Where were these comments last season? Brady and Manning are not paragons of virtue.Look how Brady blasted his teammates in public like they were his children. If you put any one of them in the situation that Bret is in you will see how they will deal with. This is just another example of how certain parts of the press try to make a story out of the most mundane and innocuous statement extracted out of wider interview or statement.

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