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Don’t take my word for it — read the entire investigative report on systemic corruption within the state probation department for yourself.

Watch my report at 11pm on WBZ-TV about Gov. Patrick’s response, and let me know what you think of it.

WBZ Political Analyst Jon Keller reports.

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  1. GiGi says:

    Thank You for reporting the truth. And believe it or not they’res alot more, lots more coropt dealing in that house. Ask Manino, please keep deging into these peope, you’ll find alot more that well shock you and your family’s. Let’s have more reporters report the thruth and real news, we can take it, cause we see it, no more filler news.

  2. mikey says:

    It’s most reassurring to me that our governor believes that there’s no ” culture of corruption on Beacon Hill.” What a joke. Funny, I’m not laughing.

  3. Crooks On The Hill says:

    ” Candidates sponsored by politicians had a remarkable success rate in being hired or receiving promotions ” ( imagine that ).

  4. YaKnow says:

    Gee Wiz, YA THINK. It is about time. Keep digging because THIS STATE is loaded with coruption, from the bottom to the top. The govenors reply that this is shocking, and OMG how can this be…yeah right pal…it is BS…..I really hope WBZ can continue on this, with every Department in the State. There is a lot of money being wasted, lead on WBZ lead on….go for the jugular….

  5. Crooks & Done says:

    Read the front page of today’s Boston Globe. Beautiful stuff. Good for the Boston Globe for putting this front and center. Same for WBZ – keep it comin’.

  6. StanleyRamon says:

    Is Bob DeLeo trying to be funny, or is it smugness, when he says he “will review the findings to determine if legislative action is appropriate”? Wow!
    Hopefully they will dismantle the whole department and some jail time will be served up. The sad part is that this is how things are done on the Hill, in all departments; and it doesn’t appear, judging by the Governor’s reaction, that it will change.

  7. Kathy Nolan Deschenes says:

    Great follow up question with the gov, Jon. He should be more emotional about the report than he is with the questioning.

  8. EL says:

    Thank you for at least looking at just a very small piece of what has become “a way of life” for many government departments in MA. Such abuse cases that have been brought to the AG without any public reporting have been returned with a very professional “not my job or not my jurisdiction”. If state funds for training and employment have been re-directed for large salaries for department heads and favored individuals without credentials and hard evidence of massive timesheet fraud is handed-over and the current AG doesn’t feel it’s the states concern…then whoes is it? To the Feds viewing the same case for misuse of Federal funds, it was “lucky it’s not faulty plane parts”.
    Keep airing the news and listeners keep reporting.

  9. taxedout says:

    So what are you going to do about it????? Same people in as before,they Must think all is well…In this state, your Wasting your Breath!!!! You go to Jail, Pol’s Don’t!!!!!

  10. The Owl says:

    Knowing the MA House and Senate, legislative action might well be amnesty for all Democratic political crooks, past, present and future.

    And the Governor would likely sign it while he’s at his luxurious retreat in the Berkshires.

  11. Bob Thompson says:

    It’s too bad the voting public isn’t sharp enough to vote all the bums on Beacon Hill out of office. This stuff has been going on for years, and is costing the Massachusetts taxpayers millions and millions of dollars. Shame on the voters.

  12. Big Mac says:

    Something tells me that the annual Saint Patrick’s Day Breakfast next year won’t be a laughing matter.

  13. Dedhamite says:

    Hey Jon,
    As a poor citizen of his district, I’d love to see you look into the shady dealings of now State Senator Mike Rush. His name’s all over the Ware report for pushing his father for a job which he later had to leave in disgrace. Now the taxpayers have to pay to defend the department against discrimination lawsuits Rush’s father caused. Please help us find out more!!

  14. taxedout says:

    Thanks for publishing ONE of our Many SHAMS!!!! This ids Mass We Love Shams!!!!!

  15. taxedout says:

    The stuff I’m reading about in the Sheriffs department, that isn’t another Sham is it????? The idiots on the hill must spend thier first 2 hours of the morning, if they are there 2 hours laughing at the Morons they fleece. God I wish I was one of them!!!!

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