WORCESTER (CBS) — A Worcester man was shot twice after he allegedly opened fire on police officers Tuesday afternoon.

The suspect has been identified as Anthony Burns, 20, of Worcester. He allegedly shot at officers who were trying to arrest him on outstanding warrants related to breaking and entering charges. According to Worcester Police Sgt. Kerry Hazelhurst, Burns is known to police.

According to police, Burns jumped out of his apartment window after he spotted police officers heading his way shortly after noontime.

Police say they began to chase the suspect. When Burns reached a parking lot area of 181 Grafton St., police say he stopped running, pulled out a gun and began shooting at officers.

Police say they returned fire, hitting the suspect in the chest and in the hip.

Although initially reported that none of the officers were hit, Tuesday evening authorities updated that saying one of the three officers found a metal fragment embedded in his right upper shoulder. Officials say it is non-life threatening.

A woman who was in the same parking lot where the shootout happened said a bullet hit her car while she was in it making a phone call. She was not hurt.

The passenger side window of a police cruiser was also shot out.

Burns was taken to UMass Hospital, where he is listed in stable condition.

He has been charged with discharging a firearm within 500 feet of a home, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, four counts of armed assault with intent to murder, using a firearm in a felony, resisting arrest, carrying a loaded firearm without a license, possession of ammunition without an FID Card and two outstanding arrest warrants. 

The officers involved have been re-assigned to administrative duty pending a review of the incident and re-qualification with their firearm as is protocol with the department in officer-involved shootings.

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