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Four Loko & Other Stuff That’s Bad For You

Ken Tucci
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Four Loko (credit: AP)

Four Loko (credit: AP)

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Why was the FDA so quick to jump on the “Ban Four Loko” bandwagon?  If it’s so bad, why don’t they ban other things, like cigarettes, whiskcy or Big Macs?  “Responsible adults” can overindulge in those things and die as well.   – Brad, Carver

Today the FDA sent warning letters to 4 manufacturers of alcoholic energy drinks (including Four Loko) telling them it is unsafe to include caffeine in these drinks.  Four Loko beat the FDA to the punch yesterday by deciding to remove caffeine from its’ drink formula. 

Brad makes an interesting point.  How far do we go on things like this?  Is it ok to ban a product like this, or can we all make our own decisions about what to buy?  Are there other products you think should be in the government’s crosshairs?

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