By Karen Anderson, WBZ-TV

WEYMOUTH (CBS) — Bill MacDonald, a World War Two veteran from Weymouth, doesn’t like talking about all that he went though in World War Two. 

“I don’t look back that much, it’s not good to look back.” 

But his family says he deserves to be recognized for his injuries and his service. 

His wife Connie says, “He got shrapnel; that’s a bomb exploding and bursting into your flesh.  That certainly is not anything small.” 

So last year, his family applied for Bill’s medals.  He received a Bronze Star and several other awards, but there was no Purple Heart. 

Part of the problem, according to the MacDonald’s, is that Bill’s military records were destroyed in a fire in St. Louis. 

Veterans experts say applicants usually need military records or two eye witnesses to receive a Purple Heart. 

However, the family got to work and started looking through old scrap books and found two newspaper articles written in 1944 about Bill’s injuries. 

One article they found states, “He was injured in a battle at Cassine and was hospitalized for 20 days.  He was blown out of a foxhole and sustained a concussion.  He also suffered shrapnel wounds.”

Senator John Kerry’s office says the Senator has reached out to local veteran’s organizations to help with Bill’s application. 

Bill says he is embarrassed by everything.  “I’ve tried to diversify myself and have not dwelled upon my own personal stuff.  Because I have so many wonderful things going on.  I have daughters and a wonderful wife.” 

And they hope he will soon have a purple heart.


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