NEWBURYPORT (CBS) – Just days after tons of sand was dumped on Plum Island beaches, a heavy rain storm washed it all away, and with it, the $75,000 anti-erosion investment.

On November 2, 2,500 cubic yards of sand were dumped on the Newburyport side of Plum Island. On November 7, a lengthy rain storm took its toll.

“It’s just one of those issues that’s just sort of a constant fight against nature,” said Newburyport planning director Andrew Port, “because nature is trying to move that beach back and forth and adjust where the sand is on its own.”

WBZ News Radio’s Lana Jones reports

The latest round of erosion is now threatening two homes. The land around those homes is being shored up with hay bales.

“That’s obviously just a temporary solution,” Port said. “It doesn’t address the long term issue of having more sand placed, or planting or something that might stabilize the area better.”

The sand was paid for with a $50,000 state grant and $25,000 in matching local funds. It was separate from the big dredging project that shored up the Newbury side of Plum Island last month.

Comments (11)
  1. Beth says:

    Do people REALLY think they can control NATURE?!! What a waste of time, energy and money.

    1. marko says:

      To quote the late-great Jimi Hendrix..”Castles mde of sand slip into the Sea eventualy”

  2. Don says:

    Mother Nature giventh and taketh. It is not nice to fight Mother Nature. To those people who choose to live on beach front property, they must take the responsibilities of their actions. If the beach front property owner wants beach front property, then they should pay the price for the maintenance of the property, not using local, state or federal tax monies. In the end, Mother Nature always wins and the taxpayer loses.

  3. Suburbs says:

    It is funny how we are not allowed on their beach because it is private property/beach,but we foot the bill to take care of it.

    1. mike says:

      Actually, Plum Island is open to the public

  4. Snowflake says:

    I agree with all the above comments. You want exclusive beach front property, then take the good with the bad and not expect the taxpayers to bail you out. Erosion has been going on since the beginning of time, and doesn’t take a vacation because some idiot builds there house on sifting sand. Think of what that $75,000 could have been used for other then for this nonsense. Too bad a wave doesn’t come along and take the ones who approved spending this money with it.

  5. response says:

    I agree…what a waste…could have fed a lot of homeless people on Thanksgiving for 50K….I wonder if that includes paying union folks to put the sand in place?

  6. ginny25 says:

    Agree with allof the comments above.Since when should all the taxpayers be held responsible to pay for repiars to your home location over and over again? Shoreline is unstable and changes literally with the tides so the time comeswhen the homeowners should be the ones to pay for it themselves,otherwise open up the beaches to everyone. Atleast then we might feel like we are getting something for our money..

  7. Italo says:

    Since the wealthy are the ones who probably are more statistically likely to build, maintain and live in such beachfront homes, Republicans in our government and rich businessowners who hold legislators’ purse strings will never let this type of continual taxpayer-funded rebuilding nonsense end.

  8. frank dogs says:

    You can use Plum Island for now. My plan is to move it this winter.See you soon.
    love mother nature

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