SALEM (CBS) — A man was killed in Salem Saturday when a bag filled with gravel fell about 50 feet and hit him on the head.

Salem Fire Deputy Chief Gerry Giunta says they are still trying to figure out why the bag fell.

Video from the scene

He explained three men, including the victim, were at the building on Washington Street repairing a leak in the roof. The two men on the roof were putting gravel that was on the roof in bags and lowering them to a third man.

At some point, Giunta said a 60 pound bag attached to a rope free fell and hit Juan Alvarado, 39, of Lynn, who was standing on the ground.

Alvarado was taken to Salem Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

“Whether a worker was handling it and released it thinking the person had the rope or now, we really don’t know,” said Giunta.

Giunta says the men were working for Sosa Construction in Beverly.

OSHA is investigating.

Ramon Ortiz witnessed the accident and explains what he saw


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