A blog by Levan Reid, WBZ-TV SportsBy Levan Reid

FOXBORO (CBS) – Friday was the first time coach Belichick addressed Tom Brady’s sprained foot. Tom has been limited in practice and coach was asked about his effectiveness in this upcoming game.

“We’ll see how it goes today, and list him accordingly [on the injury report] this afternoon,” Belichick responded, adding that Brady’s situation is no different than other players who are on the injury report.

If Brady can not go, the Pats have total faith in back up Brian Hoyer. Coach has given Brian extra work this week, just in case Tom’s situation worsens.

“I think Brian has been consistent, like he’s been all year. He gets opportunities every week, maybe a few more this week,” he said. “He’s a very dependable guy, works hard, knows the game-plan. I think the last year has really been good for him in terms of his overall background and understanding of things. … He’s about like he always is — well-prepared, consistent, focused.”

With that said, I fully expect Brady to play and play well. Tom has played with worse injuries and he hates not being in the game and watching from the sidelines.

After missing practice on Wednesday, Brady returned to the practice field Thursday. Number 12 was still limited in his action. The weird thing here is Tom looked fine in the locker room. He walked up to me and spoke and walked by me and did all of that without a limp. Just some soreness could explain his poor play against the Browns though.


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