By Paula Ebben, WBZ-TVBy Paula Ebben

BOSTON (CBS) – It happens almost every holiday season.

There is one toy that every kid wants and parents can’t get.

We don’t know what yet what will be this year’s Zhu Zhu pet, but we went to the experts at Toys R Us for a look at some of the front-runners.

Check out the photo gallery of some hot toys for 2010

They’ve come up with a list of their top 15 toys of the holiday season.


If you’re a looking for something that is sure to be a big hit with boys, you might want to try the Nerf Stampede. Like any Nerf product, it shoots soft spongy pellets. But this one is automatic. “It’s rapid fire, continuous fire and it has clips,” said Christina Tridento, manager of the Dedham Toys R Us store. The Stampede is $49.95 and is for ages 7 and up.


If you’re looking for something that won’t leave little sponges all over the house, try Loopz. It’s a memory game you play with your hands. It’s $34 for ages 7 and up.


For the little ones, try the Sing-A-Ma-jig. It’s a little doll that sings when you squeeze its belly or hands. They are $9.49 for ages three and up.


Disney Dance Star Mickey is another one for preschoolers. He sings and dances. But at $69.99, he’s a bit pricey. He’s for ages 2 and up.


If you are looking for a more affordable version of an American girl doll, there is the Journey Girl collection. Each one comes with her own story. They are $29.99 for ages 6 and up.


The Pocket Copter from Air Hog is expected to be another popular one for boys. “It’s a very small remote control helicopter and it’s really cool for those boys that you have no idea what to buy for,” Tridento said. They are $39.99 for ages eight and up.


The toy that parents could end up waiting in live for is the Kinect, xBox’s answer to the Wii. It’s a get up and move video game without the hand controllers. “It responds to your movement and to your speech, so you are the game,” Tridento said. The Kinect is $149 and requires an Xbox system.

If you have a child on your list that has a special toy they are hoping for, don’t wait, says Tridento. She says she often sees parents coming in the week before Christmas for that one hot toy and she’s out of stock.

Other hot toys from Toys R Us:


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