By Bill Shields

BOSTON (CBS) – A driver who’s accused of stabbing another driver during a road rage fueled confrontation was released on $500 bail Tuesday. Colum Flaherty, 62 of Quincy, pleaded not guilty at his arraignment in Boston Municipal Court, saying he acted in self defense.

It all began Monday afternoon after a rear-end crash on Morrissey Boulevard.

State police say Flaherty and another driver stopped to exchange information after the fender-bender, when a third driver became irate over the traffic tie-up.

According to police, 54-year old Michael McDevitt of Quincy pulled up to the scene yelling expletives. “Get out of my way! I have to pick up my kid,” he reportedly yelled.

State Police say McDevitt then blocked Flaherty’s vehicle, got out of his own car and began pounding on the driver’s side window of Flaherty’s SUV. Then, according to court records, McDevitt pulled open Flaherty’s car door, and began hitting the 62-year old in the face and neck.

That’s when Flaherty grabbed a 3-inch pocket knife, and stabbed McDevitt in the arm.

“He’s had major surgery recently, had bypass surgery. He was scared to death and he took out his knife, warned the man, the man continued to hit him and then he stabbed him,” Flaherty’s attorney Jose Vincenty told WBZ-TV Tuesday.

WBZ New Radio’s Ed Walsh speaks with Flaherty’s attorney, Jose Vincenty.

WBZ News Radio’s Lana Jones talks to state police about what happened.

Flaherty was arrested on a charge of assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon.

McDevitt was treated for minor injuries. He is expected to be summonsed to court at a later date to face charges of his own.

“He is expected to face a count of assault and battery on a person over 60 and other offenses for allegedly striking Flaherty in the confrontation that preceded the stabbing,” Wark said in a statement Tuesday afternoon.

WBZ-TV’s Bill Shields and WBZ News Radio’s Lana Jones contributed to this report.

Comments (6)
  1. SloppyJoe says:

    Dont mess with the Irish!

  2. John L says:

    Last time I checked self defense wasn’t against the law. Based on the details in this article it was self-defense and the charges should be dismissed. Only in the united socialist republic of Assachusetts could the courts get away with this.

  3. beaches says:

    I thought self defense wasn’t against the law either. I thought there was a law that if anyone attacked someone over the age of 60? they could be arrested. Hey did you see the guy they arrested? I think he was protecting himself. It’s amazing criminals get so much simpathy in this state.

  4. Cynic says:

    Am I the only one in Mass that knows that the rule is that if no one is injured and both cars are driveable ,they must be driven out of traffic before papers are exchanged?Of course I can imagine some rocket scientist Statie locking up the person that pulled off the road for leaving the scene of the accident.

  5. Cynic says:

    I read somewhere that Mr.McDevitt is a Lawyer. Shouldn’t he know better? What whould happen if Mr.Flaherty were to hire Mr.McDevitt to sue himself for Assault And Battery?

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