Curious Why Christmas Season Starts So Early

By Karen Anderson, WBZ-TV

NORTH ATTLEBORO (CBS) – The temperature is dropping, and some spots in the state saw snow early Monday morning, but do stores sprint towards December earlier and earlier each year?

Katie from Gardner Declared Her Curiosity to WBZ-TV:

“Every year the stores start putting out Christmas decorations earlier and earlier.  Can’t we enjoy one holiday at a time?”

So is Christmas shopping starting earlier this year?

At the malls, wherever you go, it seems you see the sights and hear the sounds of Christmas.  Santa Claus is ready to hear your wishes. 

A Providence radio station Coast 93.3 is even playing Christmas Carols now.

Is it too early this year? 

The mall decorations may seem to be out earlier, but actually they’re not.

Simon Properties managers told WBZ that they’ve been setting up Christmas decorations the first week after Halloween for the past decade.

What about the music?

WODS 103.3, ranked the number one holiday music station in the market, is holding off from starting its traditional around-the-clock Christmas Carols early. 

Program Director Jaybeau Jones said the first day is a secret.  They wait until the time feels right for their listeners.

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  • taxedout

    I don’t think so. as a matter of fact i love seeing a Christmas tree up the llast day of summer!!!

  • Jeff

    The stores always have their Christmas decorations all set up at the mall the week after Halloween. Its been like that ever since I can remember. BUT……I want to hear those Christmas songs on Bostons Holiday Music Satation this week!!
    I got this from someone who actually calculated the days the Christmas music has started:
    2003 – Monday 11/24
    2004 – Friday 11/19
    2005 – Thursday 11/17
    2006 – Wednesday 11/15
    2007 – Monday 11/05
    2008 – Thursday 11/06
    2009 – Friday 11/13
    2010 – ???

  • Ashley

    If people want Christmas so badly, maybe we should just omit Thanksgiving all together. Hell, get rid of Halloween too. In fact, lets back it all the way up to Fourth of July!

    I’m a strong believer in Christmas following Thanksgiving, which comes after Halloween. There is something wrong when you’re hearing Christmas Carols before Halloween (which I did this year).

  • Looney Leftists

    It is called greed. From the left. They also want to make Christmas as unreligious as possible. Christians should sue.

  • Ann

    Helo i love Christimas but i dont think they should rush it.
    then have people injoy Halloween and thanksgiving first then stress them out.
    for christmas.
    when i was a kid they never push Christmas they had all the stores ready by dec 1 and not at halloween.
    i wish they will stop pushing the holidays let people in joy them

  • chris

    its the most wonderful time of the year…there is nothing wrong with celebrating too early. Ill start listening to christmas music after haloween. People always hate when christmas is over so whats wrong with anticipating it in advance? i love christmas

  • emom

    rushing Christmas is pure crazyness, GOD, I remember when stores where closed on sunday, saturday was food shopping , sunday was for church and a sit down family dinner. cooking all day and enjoying it at 3 or 4 pm .. playing games and watching a movie on tv.. now stores never close, dinner is drive thru somewhere, now its hurry up and make it faster…. holidays are rushed over lapping and to commercial,,, saw my first store tonight decked out with every thing CHRISTMAS,. oh the glitter and gold, the prices and ah, the sticker shock and empty wallets… well this gal will so be looking for alll those discounts after the holiday for my next years gifts… trust me a good portion of the stuff will not sell and be reduced just to get rid off… HAPPY BARGAIN HUNTING FOR NEXT YEAR.. CHRISTMAS,,,,,,,,,,NOW………….. BAH HUM BUG………… BRING ON THE TURKEY FIRST WILL YEAH………..

  • EMC

    In this economy I am happy to tolerate the over commercialization of Christmas.
    Holiday sales mean jobs , which provide income for families.
    Bring it on.

  • Snowflake

    I love Christmas and if anyone wants to begin the celebration at the end of summer, I say bring it on too. I look at it as anticipating the biggest birthday party ever. We would plan a birthday party for a loved one months in advance, so why not the bithday party of our savior? If you look at it spiritually instead of commericially, what’s not to love?

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