Got up this morning….bright sunny skies……only 42-degrees outside with a predicted high temp of 60.   So what’s wrong with that  you say?    Fine if you’re in New England I guess…….but I’m in Florida……the Sunshine state….warm climate…beautiful sandy beaches. What is up with this!   Forty two degrees here…..35 degrees slightly inland.    That’s it…….I’m heading back to Massachusetts where it’s supposed to be cold…and almost isn’t.

    But first….a little unfinished business:    I stated a couple of days ago the Presidents trip to India was going to cost a billion dollars. I could have said a bazillion dollars and it would have meant the same thing….just a figure of speech.   But it’s true, some news sources (of which I’m not one) did report  the trip was costing 200-million dollars…A DAY.   Wrong……it’s going to be only about 20-million dollars….A DAY!      Hey a million here, a million there….pretty soon you’re talking serious money, but I feel better now.  Don’t you?

     Speaking of $$$ and our nation’s big spenders.   Headline in the paper this morning….”Fannie Mae asks for $2.5 billion in new U.S. aid.”  Yes kids, this government-controlled mortgage buyer lost 3.5 billion taxpayer dollars in the last quarter.  Fannie admits the big lenders problems and flawed documents will make delinquency rates even higher…..and Big Fannie wants 2.5 billion dollars more.  Fannie, Freddie and Barney (Frank) brought our economy to its knees with corrupt and flawed policies and now they need 2.5 billion more.   Hey…..if they don’t get it…”only people who can afford it will be able to buy houses!!!!!”

     Two other notes briefly:   I see Nancy Pelosi is running to keep her leadership role with House Democrats.  Most clear thinking Democrats (there are a few) think Ms. Nancy was the reason for the party’s Election Day disaster.  She certainly was a major contributor to the tsunami on November 2…but I’ll bet, once they pry that Speakers gavel from her “cold____hands”, she’ll keep her role as “minority” leader because she’s correct when she says…..”our work is far from finished.”  Good one Nance!                               

     And “nice job” Keith Olbermann.   The face of prime-time on MSNBC, suspended without pay…. indefinitely,  for interviewing Democrat candidates on his show and then writing a check to their campaigns.   Good one Keith!


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