There is a deep trough in place in the Eastern US. It extends into the gulf of Mexico. This trough is directing cold air all the way down to the southeast where some states will see their first frost of the season. These Upper Level winds are steering clouds and moisture from the tropics right up the Eastern searboard into New England today.  A cloudy cool overcast kind of day can be expected with temps remaining in the 40’s with cool NNE winds which are helping to push away any sort of warmth left over from yesterday.

The best chance of seeing any sun today will be in western New England where the clouds could thin just enough by the midday-afternoon for a little partial sun. Eastern New England is stuck in the clouds. There is a chance the coast could see a few sprinkles, with the best chance of a few light showers mostly on the Cape & Islands.

High astronomical tides and the recent passage of a storm which brought 1-2″ of rain is making for some lingering rough surf  and an above normal midday tide today. Splash over for eastern facing beaches from Portland to Plum Island to Scituate and Chatham from 11 AM-1 PM today. 

The steady flow of clouds will continue into New England tonight through tomorrow…especially cloudy at the coast.  High pressure to our west will be just close enough to supply enough dry sinking air to allow for clouds to continue to break inland…so that by Sunday…partly sunny skies will be found inland with lingering clouds at the coast. Cool onshore winds will keep temps in the mid-upper 40’s

As you know Daylight Savings Ends 2 AM Sunday…so we Fall Back 1 hour before bed tonight. Sunrise tomorrow: 6:25 AM   Sunset: 4:30 PM

Energy rounding the base of the trough will link with energy coming out of the tropics to help to slow and deepen the trough over New England. A wave of low pressure will form and back into the Gulf of Maine Sunday Night  before looping  back into the coast…then pulling away Tuesday and heading back out to Georges bank. This low will likely come with a period of rain Monday before tapering off to Drizzle Tuesday.

An upper level ridge will begin to shift eastward during the midweek. This will help to kick out the trough and restore stability to the atmosphere…with increasing sunshine and above normal temperatures into the Lwr 60’s by Friday.

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  1. JimmyJames says:

    I saw some of the comments on Melissa’s blog about the snow and ice impacts. There will probably be tweaking that needs to take place but I hope it is a way to give people a heads up. I am not an expert or did not go to school to be a meteorologist but I think its important to keep people informed without blowing anything out of proportion and I hope this works out just like the thunderstorm impact scale.

  2. manowx says:

    Minor spash-over of the casueway seawall in Marblehead this morn.

  3. manowx says:


    A thunderstorm impact scale is difficult to apply given ephemeral nature of storms and their small area. I believe a winter scale would better serve the public.

  4. weatherwizard says:

    The storms and the jet stream have been quite active the last 60 days and it will continue through November 15th. We may see a break in the active jet from Nov 16-23. November 24-30 the jet makes a wild return and this where we could see a late month rain/snow event.

  5. philip says:

    Jimmy, I have evey intention of tweeking my 2010-2011 Winter Outlook sometime in late January or early February as necessary (near the halfway point to winter, whenever that is). I have a feeling that this winter is going to be a WILD ride. ;-)

  6. southshoretom says:

    I still think that 60F and 63F may not be happening in eastern New England Thursday and Friday of next week. While it is true that heights will be rising above us, translating warmth to the surface in mid November with a departing upper level low somewhere to our east and a high to our north or northeast is going to be a challenge to warm up from.

  7. JimmyJames says:

    Philip speaking of tweaking a winter forecast Henry Margusity was saying a few weeks ago he might have to tweak his because the La Nina is not behaving like a normal one. I still think this will be a winter that comes in two waves and I’ll get into that more when I give my winter outlook the week of the November 14th.

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