By Kate Merrill, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) — Could the fountain of youth be found in a simple supplement?  That certainly sounds too good to be true, but some traditional doctors are impressed with the results from TA65.

Billy Turon is seeing more clearly these days.  Dr. Florence Comite, an endocrinologist, says this 66-year-old heart attack survivor is now seeing more like a 40-year-old.

Larry Simpson also takes TA65 and he says he is having fewer problems with his joints.

TA65 is a white pill which boasts of increasing energy, boosting the immune system, improving sex, and making skin more radiant.

Dr. Comite said, “TA65 is a wonderful addition to our ability to protect our DNA, and hopefully keep us in good heath as long as we live.”

Comite was so impressed with the results she saw in her patients that she started taking this supplement too.  “I stopped using reading glasses over the past year and that was a complete shock.”

So how does TA65 work?  It claims to repair the ends of our chromosomes which are called telomeres.  They become frayed and shortened with age. 

Some researchers believe we are more vulnerable to diseases related to aging, such as diabetes, cancer or heart disease, when our chromosomes become damaged over time.  If you can stop that from happening, the theory is you will longer and healthier.

Dr. Edward Park likes what he as seen happen to Larry.  “His blood pressure is coming down.  Larry’s lung capacity went up a liter, which is like a 20 year jump.”

TA65 is extracted from the root of the astralagus plant which has been used as an immune enhancer in traditional Chinese medicine.  Not all doctors, however, are ready to support its wide scale use as a supplement.

Dr. Roberta Lee, an expert on botanical medicine, said, “We have no large trials for this new supplement to measure what it is doing.”

She added, “What happens if you take it every day for 15 years? In theory it’s a great idea.  In practice it is a big question mark.”

Instead of taking TA65, Dr. Lee recommends eating anti oxidant rich foods, like berries and broccoli.  She also says people need to make sure they get enough sleep and exercise. 

“All of those things put together are probably 10 times more powerful than this new supplement, if not more,” she stated.

But Billy Turon is already a believer.  “If you’re aging and you feel like you’re ready for the wheelchair, I say take some.”

Consumers should be warned that TA65 can be pricey.  And like all supplements, it is not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration.

Comments (8)
  1. Mike says:

    This is not news. This is an advertisement.

    1. MARIA CAROD says:

      where buy TA 65.

  2. Tom2 says:

    This paid advertisement is brought to you by a bunch of morons who think they can pass this stuff off as a news story.

    1. Rambo says:

      Who are you. How do we know you don;t work for the Competition

  3. Charles Savoie says:

    Is Dr. Lee disgruntled because she did not get to be a distributor of the TA-65? Personally, my life extender of choice is citric acid as found in lemons, certainly with no sweeteners added. Just do not leave it on tooth enamel.

  4. Paulette Harris says:

    Who is the maker of TA 65 and where can I buy this supplement?

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