BOSTON (CBS) – A police dog sniffed out over $1 million in cash during a traffic stop last week.

“Axel,” a Mass. State Police K-9 and his owner, Sgt. Charles Cane, pulled over a car near Hanscom Field in Bedford on Oct. 28, police said.

The two people inside the car consented to a search of their rented car. According to police, Sgt. Cane found two suitcases inside.

Axel was brought over to the suitcases for a sniff test. Police said Axel detected a drug smell coming from the suitcases. When Cane opened the suitcases, he found $1.7 million in cash.

The people who were in the car would not say where the money came from. They referred all questions to an attorney.

Comments (5)
  1. Emmit066 says:

    Who drives around in a rental car with $1,700,000 in cash in the trunk?

  2. dunmore says:

    A republican on election day

  3. Cynic says:

    I could just imagine that poor Dog trying to sniff out Money on me.Talk about a frustrated Dog!!!!

  4. LudlowPalmer says:

    (1) I need a car like that.
    (2) I need a dog like that.
    (3) I need luggage like that.

    Good dog, GOOD dog…

  5. rich oconnor says:

    Or a democrat packing up and going home ….

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