Keller @ Large: Please Stop Whining

BOSTON (CBS) – Today couldn’t come around soon enough for me after yesterday, which apparently was designated ‘National Whine Day’, and I don’t mean reds, whites and champagne.

Across Massachusetts, Republicans and right-leaning independents were whining bitterly about the Democratic sweep in Tuesday’s election.

Across most of the rest of the nation, Democrats and liberals were whining equally bitterly about the GOP takeover of the House and the rise of the Tea party.

For both sides, it seems the success of the opposition is a sign of the impending apocalypse, and a symptom of a toxic brew of greed and stupidity, while the victories of their preferred candidates represent a triumph of reason and courage.

Please, all of you – stop it.

Let’s start with the local results.

While I do not approve of one party rule, we’re not quite there yet, not with Scott Brown in the Senate and enough Democrats knocked off in legislative races to put some fear into the rest of them. And in case you missed it, our all blue House delegation is now in the minority party down there.

With regard to Gov. Patrick, does it dawn on his worst critics that his re-election might have been helped by backlash against their sometimes excessive animosity towards him?

In the same way, knee-jerk bashers of the Tea Party have overplayed their hand, casting ordinary Americans with legitimate grievances as incendiary hate-mongers. I like President Obama, but he seems to me every bit as deserving of a moderating setback as President Bush was in 2006.

Yesterday’s whine-fest was the predictable outburst of a short-attention-span, have it your way, grievance-addicted culture.

I hope you got it out of your systems, because I doubt I’m the only one who doesn’t care to hear anymore of it going forward.

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