By Kathy Curran, WBZ-TV

WORCESTER (CBS) — They are words of hate targeting a member of the U.S. military overseas and our I-Team tracked down the local man who wrote them.

The author is a Worcester man named Drew Wilson and the letter was apparently sent in the name of anarchy.

“Whether you’re pulling the trigger or behind a desk, you’re complicit and you’re a murderer,” the letter states.


It all began with a book order placed online with Wilson, an outspoken vegan who lives in a collective of young anarchists.

On the website, where Wilson was hawking the books, he goes by the name Drewvegan.

U.S. Marine Lieutenant Daniel Berg ordered several books from Wilson to send to his girlfriend, Vanessa, who is serving in the Air Force in Iraq.


When the books arrived in Iraq, the package included anti-war and pro-anarchy propaganda, along with the letter calling Vanessa a murderer.

In that correspondence, Wilson also described Berg as a “soon to be widower,” implying his girlfriend would be killed in Iraq.

Berg explained what happened in a telephone interview with the I-Team.

“When she opened up the product she got a personal letter and some anarchist brochures,” he said.

His girlfriend’s reaction was “shock” at such a letter “from an American to a deployed service member.”


The I-Team tracked Wilson down at an old farm house in Worcester. The black flag of the anarchy movement flies high at his home.

We wanted to ask Wilson why he mailed the anarchy propaganda and letter with the books to a U.S. servicewoman, but when we tried to talk with him he hopped on a motor scooter and took off.

That farmhouse where Wilson lives is home to an anarchists’ community called “Collective a Go-Go” and Wilson speaks about the collective’s views online. “We’re an anarchist house, an anti-capitalist house,” he said in one online video.


“I don’t even think it’s political, it’s pure hate,” said Bob Deboer, a veteran of the Vietnam War, who read the content of Wilson’s letter.

“It’s disturbing,” Deboer added. “I think the most difficult part of this is that she’s fighting not only for us but for someone like him to have the right to do this.”

BU anthropology professor Charles Lindholm was also concerned with Wilson’s actions.

“It’s extremely insulting and totally insensitive and really the wrong way to go about things if you want to convince someone of your perspective,” Lindholm said.

“This is the polarizing thinking that can sometimes occur in these sorts of movements where people who are engaged with the state must be evil, must be set aside. That’s the dangerous part of it.”


Berg defended Wilson’s right to express his political views, but not to launch a personal attack based on his girlfriend’s military service.

“I take no personal issue with the man himself, but obviously I do take issue with him saying things about my girlfriend, particularly that I’m a soon to be widower implying that she’s going to be killed in the line of duty,” Berg said.

“America is the greatest country out there and I’m extremely proud of the fact that I’m protecting those first amendment rights that are being invoked against me,” he said.

“Regardless of what your view is of the war, politics or troops, you should be conscious of that fact.”


We contacted eBay, which runs the site where Wilson was selling the books, but the company said they do not disclose any punitive actions taken against users due to privacy concerns.

The eBay spokesperson did tell us that whenever the company receives a report of inappropriate behavior, it investigates and takes whatever action is necessary.

Comments (23)
  1. jaygee says:

    This guy is simply an immature “anarchist” who should not be inflicting hurt on someone who is buying his material in this “capitalist” society he is living.. However, his comments are quite mild in comparison to the death and destruction that our country has visited on Iraq. I would wager that 99% of the dead in that country would rather be alive and living under Sadaam Hussein than six feet underground and living in anything but a free society. Thank George Bush for this waste of life along with the trillion dollars spent so far.

  2. Harrison says:

    I can see where the guys coming from but I wouldn’t have sent the letter, those things don’t do anything but harm…there are better ways to reach people than scathing speech. Still would have sent the brochures and zines though.

    I wonder what books they were.

  3. Seasons says:

    I read that Adolf Hitler became an obsessed vegan and he had horrid gas problems because of being a vegaterian and he started to be dellusional about meat thinking of his dead sister when he started to eat a piece of ham and spit it out. Hitler had a chemical imbalance because of eating only veggies and it made him sleepless and he needed drugs to sleep and to be awake. Veggies, drugs, and no sleep helped turn Hitler into a Madman. This Anarchist Drew is following this same path.

  4. D. Clark says:

    Oh wow. Slow news day, CBS? Nice inclusion of a random crusty vet in a park. I was under the impression that Americans could say or write or mail whatever they feel. Where’s the issue, here? I think it boils down to a slow news day. If people are truly that offended they should go march in the next Tea Party rally. Grow up.

  5. StevenJamessabatissmelly says:


    WBZtv, you call this news? since when is it just to target active people, in a small community. clearly, you focused the whole story, on the closing of his letter, witch was not hateful. since we all agree that If you do participate in a service for our country, you are Directly linked to the products of war.

    without drew, there would be no vegan reading material for the few, the proud, and the vegan troops.

    P.S. it’s very dangerous to chase somebody down on a moped, you could of seriously injured or killed somebody, Kathy Curan, please exercise better judgment, and definitely try writing better story’s

    1. SteakLover5000 says:

      vegans are totally lame, your all nothing but a bunch of outspoken whinny Chochas

  6. leo says:

    All intresting,,,,,,Who here been to iraq?? No one I have 2 years 8 months there working with iraqs most days frist most i asked are happy we are there we are a lot better then the other goverments .

    Yes you have the right of free speach…. but there are lines that you are crossing them. if you not been in a war you will not under stand!!! you need to do your job right the frist time or some one my die.

    Now for any one to tell me I help kill any one I must ask where do you get off say that
    i or any one working with in the law and at the orders (lawful) did any thing wrong, BUT if you keep with this train of thinking ok then you have not been paying your taxs in it is YOU that are paying for a war your calling some a killer I do not see it but akked like men do not pay for some thing you (know) is wrong I know you will not fight for your rights or your country But at list stand up for what you belive in.

    Thank You


  7. Poopy Head says:

    So like according to WikiLeaks:
    10-20 Civilians are killed for every one “Terrorist” identified by the US military. Just saying, hard to support what they are doing. What if those numbers were American, not like it would make a difference in my book, but to those who think Americans are the savior to this earth.

  8. max says:

    to hell with the news for making this into something its not the people that live at that house are good people and so isnt drew the news twist things this war needs to end and im sure he was only trying to open her eyes i back him end this war

  9. StopComplaining says:

    This man is by no means in the wrong. He may have been a little offensive, but is he wrong? this woman, and all the other “soldiers” are trained murderers.

    And what is this constant talk about these people fighting for “our” individual “freedom” ?? This country was freed long ago, and unless our own people go against that and instate some sort of insane modern day slavery… we will still be free. The troops in iraq have nothing to do with our freedom directly or indirectly. If not a single troop was every deployed, and we all stayed at home and were safe, wed be just the same. not to mention the financial flop of the decade would never have started.

    Im no anarchist, im not a politician of any kind. But I think you military supporters need to stop associating battle with freedom, were fighting for a lot of other thigns we messed up in the past, not freedom.

    This guy is right, and did nothing wrong past offending a bitter boyfriend.

    1. Leo says:

      Have you forgoting 9/11?????? I take it so….

  10. Peace says:

    End the war. The message hes preaching is that of peace. The news turned the letter around to mean something completely different.

  11. BillTerrier says:

    It sounds like friends of Drew’s are writing in, and ignoring the actual contents of his letter.

    He wasn’t trying to ‘open her eyes’ or make a coherent anti-war argument. He saw a chance to make a total stranger feel horrible, and did his best to make her feel that way. That’s hate speech. And then not having the courage of his convictions to actually talk to a reporter about what he wrote? That’s the behavior of a bully who never thought he’d get caught. He’s not a good person, he’s a weasel.

  12. booohooo says:

    I drop bombs on people and my feelings got hurt :'(

  13. Drewvegan says:

    Athiest, vegan, wacko nut job.

  14. derp says:

    Leo, did you have to take an entrance exam for the military? They must not do an IQ or language test, am I right?

  15. leo says:


    Where did i say i worked for the DOD? The best you can do is come after me on spelling……. Why not say you are not paying taxs go to jail stand up for some thing stop hiding behind you PC see the world meet poeple see if your wrong..I did to bad you will not……..


    1. Rickshaw says:

      Leo, what you wrote right there really doesn’t make coherent sense. I’d love to open a dialogue with you, but it seems that you are incapable of forming a coherent sentence. Please just restate your position in such a way that anyone else can understand what you’re saying.

      1. leo says:

        Im not looking for dialogue. Go to a VFW ask for a dialogue there.

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