WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. (AP) – Four college football players who were arrested after their teammate was fatally shot by police in New York are seeking an immediate dismissal of the charges against them.

Defense attorney Bonita Zelman says the charges were a cover-up for police brutality. She successfully opposed a request from prosecutors to postpone the students’ Thursday arraignment.

A spokesman for Westchester County’s district attorney said Wednesday that a judge had denied the request for adjournment.

Prosecutors had asked for two weeks, saying the four students’ cases are part of an ongoing investigation into the Oct. 17 shooting death of Pace University student Danroy Henry of Easton, Mass.

Three of the teammates allegedly interfered with getting medical aid to Henry. One was charged with breaking a store window.

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  1. Blue says:

    Funny how allegations of police brutality were never mentioned until AFTER lawyers got involved. LMAO

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