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As the day wears on, give me a brief summary below of the scene at your polling place. Were there signs outside, and whose signs dominated? Was the polling place crowded, and how was the total turnout running? How did you vote and why? If you chatted with other voters, what did they do?

No campaign spam, please.

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  1. brat says:

    Not overly crowded at 11:00 AM, but steady and busy. A few signs less than some races and more than others. Voted for candidates that are best suited and not along party lines. Voted against one candidate that told outright lies of their opponents. NO on all questions.

  2. JJT says:

    Maybe 15 or 20 people right at 7:00am this morning. No signs at all…I voted based on who I think has been real and can do the job vs. who has lied and could cause problems.

    Yes to all 3 questions!

    Bye Bye Barney…

  3. rob s says:

    I voted early and there was more folks there than I had ever seen at previous elections. I hadn’t ever waited for a voting booth before, but I did today.

    I voted for thise who made the best argument about how they would improve things, not for the candidates who were negative or only playing along party line arguments.

    Voted yes to 1 and 3 and no on 2

  4. Steve Daigle says:

    small town, Dunstable, all stalls full, but no waiting at 9:00 am.

  5. Nicole says:

    I heard there was voter fraud in lynn.

  6. Jenn Linde says:

    I voted in Worcester for mostly Republicans especially Baker!

  7. Kitty Martin says:

    Voted in J.P., mid-morning. Did not notice more signs than usual; polling place will probably be much busier later in the day. Voted for Democrats; NO on all ballot questions. Some eighth-grade students conducted an exit poll (their teacher nearby). Was so impressed with their manners and questions. At least something is going right!

  8. tom brown says:

    voted all republican !!! attleboro ma.get the rats out with the double and triple pensions!

  9. Ellen says:

    Here in Tewksbury Ma. they told me that the voter turnout was quite impressive this mourning. I was there at the voting site myself about 2 in the afternoon and saw quite a few cars there in the parking lot. Hope this continues and we have a huge voter turnout. Only time will tell.

  10. Tim says:

    Question 1 – yes / Baker for governor – those issues mattered the most for me.

  11. The Owl says:

    Normal turn out. Little enthusiasm

  12. cheech says:

    Voters are mad as hell. A high turnout bodes well for Baker.

  13. GO BAKER! says:

    That about sums it up!

  14. Steve says:

    Need change and need a good job. Go Charlie!

  15. Thanks folks, keep these coming! Please ID your town or city if you will.

  16. Steve says:

    I worked at the polls from 7-9. Traffic was pretty high in Acton.

    If you ever have an opportunity to work in your polling place, I would highly recommend the activity. Saw lots of familiar faces, some poignant, some inspirational. The kids’ pediatrician, now retired. Little League teammates of my son, now grown to their mid-20s. Sasha, born the the Soviet Union, here for the last 20 years, beaming as he left.

  17. KARIN says:

    I voted at the youth center around 2 PM, it wasn’t full but it was very busy. Voted no on questions 1, 2, and 3. (although i had my doubts on question number 3 because i didn’t see a big change in my community when taxes went up to 6.25%)

    1. KARIN says:

      Voted in Revere …. Lol

  18. taxedout says:

    Enjoy your selections Mass…You Deserve it!!!

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