On the 1st hour of Toucher & Rich, Randy Moss was waived by the Minnesota Vikings, rumors are flying on where Moss could end up and The Mail Bag is opened.

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  1. mike B. says:

    moss has a better chance at a second go , than Belichick wearing a Bellino mask on the sidelines.

  2. amazed says:

    I am on my way to my invisible bank to deposit my invisible check then go work out with my invisible team. Afterwards I am gona stop off at Tinucci’s to get some invisible meat to give to my invisible dog then take my invisible lithium pill. Where’s Crash?

    Randy Moss

  3. Randy Sellers says:

    Where’s the right click podcast link????


    I don’t know how to download the podcast on this page. They’re are probably many others switching to WEEI that don’t live in the Boston Area, that depend on the podcast.

    If you can’t give us a better link, at least post instructions for those of us that are computer impaired.


    1. Soo S says:

      If you use Firefox, use a add-on called Flashgot.

  4. Ryan D says:

    ever since this switched to CBS and 985 the site had been F’d!!

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