Keller @ Large: What Will You Be Voting For?

BOSTON (CBS) – Have you voted yet?

If you have, or you’re going to, surely you know what it is you’re voting for?

Notice I didn’t say who you’re voting for — or should I say “whom?” I mean what are you voting for, what principles, what aspirations, what changes, what types of leadership?

I’ll tell you mine if you’ll tell me yours.

I will be voting for change, in some races, and stability in others. I’ll be voting out incumbents who didn’t grow with the job, didn’t change for the better over time, didn’t listen. I’ll be voting to keep incumbents who work hard and have proven they DO listen, even when we’re telling them things they don’t really want to hear. I’ll be voting for hope, of course, or rather, IN the hope that the people I elect will do a much better job than they or their predecessors have done in the past of serving the public interest, not their self-interest.

I’ll be voting to send a message of change, but the message is also subject to change. I’ll be voting for people I hope will give it to me straight when reality intrudes on their plans or circumstances make their campaign promises outdated. I’ll be voting the man or woman, NOT the party, are you kidding me? In fact, I won’t be voting for anyone who appears to put party above almost anything else. I won’t be voting for anyone who lied about their achievements, who tried to scare me into voting for them, who went harshly negative without ever explaining why I should vote FOR them, even if that means I have to blank the race.

I’ll be voting my wallet, but I’ll also be voting for those who show a real commitment to helping those in need in ways that make sense and work. And I’ll be voting because, if I don’t vote, I know I’ll have no business complaining ever again about the decisions those who did vote made.

So, it’s your turn – what will YOU be voting for today?

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