By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – Have you voted yet?

If you have, or you’re going to, surely you know what it is you’re voting for?

Notice I didn’t say who you’re voting for — or should I say “whom?” I mean what are you voting for, what principles, what aspirations, what changes, what types of leadership?

I’ll tell you mine if you’ll tell me yours.

I will be voting for change, in some races, and stability in others. I’ll be voting out incumbents who didn’t grow with the job, didn’t change for the better over time, didn’t listen. I’ll be voting to keep incumbents who work hard and have proven they DO listen, even when we’re telling them things they don’t really want to hear. I’ll be voting for hope, of course, or rather, IN the hope that the people I elect will do a much better job than they or their predecessors have done in the past of serving the public interest, not their self-interest.

I’ll be voting to send a message of change, but the message is also subject to change. I’ll be voting for people I hope will give it to me straight when reality intrudes on their plans or circumstances make their campaign promises outdated. I’ll be voting the man or woman, NOT the party, are you kidding me? In fact, I won’t be voting for anyone who appears to put party above almost anything else. I won’t be voting for anyone who lied about their achievements, who tried to scare me into voting for them, who went harshly negative without ever explaining why I should vote FOR them, even if that means I have to blank the race.

I’ll be voting my wallet, but I’ll also be voting for those who show a real commitment to helping those in need in ways that make sense and work. And I’ll be voting because, if I don’t vote, I know I’ll have no business complaining ever again about the decisions those who did vote made.

So, it’s your turn – what will YOU be voting for today?

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Comments (8)
  1. JJT says:

    Amen John!

    I feel the same, I am voting for people I think can do the job not people who think they deserve the job.

    There are far too many people who unfortunately will vote strictly based on party lines…I pity them for not being able to see the whole picture. I pity us because we may have to live with the consequences of their votes…

  2. Anna the observer says:

    To John Keller:The election will tell me the voters were not influenced by your negativity towards the Governor and well as your fabrication about the property taxes. He never said he lied. You made that up.
    A political analyst needs access to the governor for effect informative reporting.
    It was your desperation to see Deval Patrick lose the election four years ago by calling for an emergency debate at a last chance to stop him from winning, and he knew it.There was a recent political segment comparing Romney and Patrick where you were so desperate to get the the respondents to say something negative about Governor Patrick. You couldn’t stand to hear anything positive about
    Governor Patrick.I was absolutely sickening to watch. This man who has a geniune kindness and concern for others has never done anything to deserve this level of hatred from you.I think it’s common knowledge among your fellow cast members and many people watching over the years that you have an deep seated hatred for Governor Patrick. He is well aware of your desperate need to destroy him and never forgets what you tried to do to him during the last election year, this is why he avoids you. You are the one who created this bad blood between you and the governor, not him. Is it because of his political party? You use to appear on republican radio years ago. Is it his racial background? Ok, you did mention on Emily Rooney that you had a “black” friend in high school or was it college, probably so people wouldn’t assume your hatred for the Govenor was racial. I notice Janet Wu on the boston channel, andy hiller and all the other political reporters had interviews with the governor except you.This should be a lesson to you to treat all political candidates with equal respect regardless of political party or race. Because the one you show disrepect and hatred towards just might be the one that becomes Governor.The political reporter who behaved respectfully towards him will get the access, and you will not.

  3. John J. Grimes says:

    I’ve decided to vote for anyone who ran a clean and positive campaign….haha.
    Unfortunately there are too many people who are either blinded by the flag or are naive enough to believe that politicians are going to help their lives get better. Anyone who is willing to spend millions of their own money to attain a position that pays little has other things in mind and helping the working man & woman is not one of them.

    1. Ellen says:

      John, I’m with you. Great post, and hit the nail on the head with that one.

  4. Nancy Piontkoski says:

    John I agree with you. I am voting for the person who will do the job.

    I pity the poor saps that votes party lines, those days are over.

  5. macmum says:

    We’ve got elephants and donkeys representing the parties..enuf said. I will vote for the person..NOT the “club” they are in!

  6. I know this….. I’ll be voting to repeal the SALES TAX! As far as “public services”, cities & towns will have to PROVIDE somehow….

    Allan P. Small – Lowell

  7. Debra Bearce says:

    I am voting for stability in this state. I would not dream of voting for the lowering of the sales tax in these times. Anyone who does, doses not understand the ramification. We can’t cut medicaid, it is mandated, we can’t cut enrollment or services as it is mandated. We will have to cut education, safety and security. Then they will tax us to death to pay for these things,. Public transportation will be cut, jobs will be cut. I will have to move out of Massachusetts if it is repealed.

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